Top Ten Amusing Alternative Song Titles

Was just thinking (as you do) about a particular song and almost laughed out loud on a packed train when I thought of what it might have been called if someone had asked me to give it a title. Add some funny ones of your own if you fancy.
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1 Total Eclipse of the Fart - Bonnie Tyler

Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit gassy, And I feel like I have a stomachache.

When I first clicked this, I thought it was talking about the alternative genre.

2 My Fart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Hilarious! My fart will go on! Laugh out loud!

I'm really trying here...Haha! Sorry!

3 Me Ears Are Alight - Desmond Dekker
4 Another Prick In the Hall - Pink Floyd

Teacher, leave us kids alone, you're just another prick in the hall.

Best insult ever.

It's all fine, Britgirl. This one made me laugh. And I think the band would laugh too.

Does this mean I'll eventually run into an inconsiderate jerk in the hallway?

5 Should I Shave or Should I Grow? - The Clash

Doesn't that depend what you shave/grow?

6 Another Kick In the Balls - Pink Floyd
7 Under Your Bum Forever - Godley & Creme

Yes...not the best place to spend an eternity, is it?

8 Don't Chop Me Now - Queen
9 You've Got Another Fart Coming - Judas Priest
10 Comfortably Dumb - Pink Floyd
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11 I Don't Wanna Kiss a Thing - Aerosmith
12 Hey Food - The Beatles


"Hey food, don't go all bad
It's why you are in the refrigerator
Remember, I'm mixing you in my lunch
Good for my heart and fills my stomach"

This one sort of serves as a companion to "Can't Buy Me Lunch".

Amazing lyrics, Positron. And amazing list, Britgirl.

13 I'm Pissed Again - Phil Collins

Phil must be really angry at this list.

14 Gay Stripper - The Beatles

Please don't hate me for that comment. Please don't.

Looks like Lennon was doing more than drugs...

15 Nine Stone Cowboy - Glen Campbell
16 I'm a Belieber - The Monkees

Haha! I'll give The Idiot that one! Haha!

Then you have lost your sanity.

17 Pears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
18 Lighting Fart - Jake Bugg

OK, Britgirl, just...relax...try not to react...
Me saying this won't work, will it?

You two together are hilarious!

19 I Wanna Smell Your Farts - The Beatles
20 Baking the Rabbit - Linkin Park
21 You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Eel - Kenny Rogers
22 She Loves Poo - The Beatles

Apologies to avid Beatles fans out there but a list is a list... Is a list!

23 Somebody That I Used to Blow - Gotye
24 We Will C*ck You - Queen
25 Smells Like Feet Spirit - Nirvana
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