Top Ten Best Bebe Rexha Songs

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1 I Got You

I heard this song, looked it up and saw it was by her I and I got to really like her songs. I also like in the name of love and I'm gonna show you crazy. F.F.F I can relate to( exept for the swearing cause I am NOT a swearing type I don't do it) I hate fake friends they use you and betray you. Bebe Rexha your songs are powerful and catchy!

Bebe Rexha is really underrated. When I first discovered Bebe Rexha, I was really happy and was listening to her songs all the time, because I had just discovered pop music that I actually liked.

Bebe literally had me blown away be all your fault pt 1. That album was my summer anthem, I had to listen to at least one of her songs from the album everyday. Great album with great songs

2 I’m a Mess

This reminds me of Alejandro by Lady Gaga in style & you might agree if you listened to both.

This song was really good live when I saw her open for the Jonas Brothers!

More like her worst song.

3 Meant to Be

I really like Bebe, but I don't like this song. It may be because I hate country music, or the fact that I know Bebe can do much better

I love tones of her songs... but this has to be at top!

4 In the Name of Love

This song is awesome!

5 I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

This is her best song. The chorus is ridiculous and should be one of the greatest. I kinda think that Bebe has become generic which is exactly what she was fighting against in this song! This song is still awesome though.

This is simply one of the most empowering and inspiring songs I've ever heard. It made me like her.

6 Last Hurrah

It's awesome and it portrays the ways to fight anxiety, like come on! It's great

7 The Way I are (Dance with Somebody)
8 Gateway Drug

Love the chorus, and the beginning.

Such a good song

9 I Can't Stop Drinking About You
10 Take Me Home

This was the first song I heard from her I didn't know who she was but I loved the song as soon as I heard it.

This song was awesome live!

It is so catchy

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11 Sabotage
12 Don't Get Any Closer
13 Sacrifice

The debut of her dance roots, yet very 90's inspired & the house vibes really kick in. Even has a Lady Gaga Chromatica vibe.

14 Better Mistakes
15 Hey Mama

Simply love the intense chorus that bebe throws. Amazing song!

Love it this is the best she has EVER done!

I though it was Nicki Minaj my bad...

16 Back to You

It's an overplayed song, but some other word like an F word and the BS word really made me hated the song. I want the radio edit version.

Should definitely be on within the top ten! She's so cool!

The best in the list

17 Me, Myself & I

I love this song! Bebe's voice is amazing!

18 Trust Fall
19 Steady

I just love this song, This song stands out from other Bebe Rexha songs which are mostly the same.

Just love the dark vibe.. it sounds cool. This reminds me of summer for some reason

20 Self Control
21 Break My Heart Myself
22 Ferrari
23 Shining Star
24 Pray
25 No Broken Hearts

Listening to it right now!

The best until now

I love this song! 11/10

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