Top 10 Best Cher Lloyd Songs

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1 With Ur Love

Ohh.. My god... It is the best song I have ever heard... Cher lloyd you look fabulous in this song video and it is fabulous

Love this song. Really its good

It's her best song. Love it

2 Want U Back

This is the best, but I'm not going to lie, I am a little irritated that her new album won't come out. I'm a little impatient and she's a great singer and I've played songs from her album "Sticks and Stones" and the X Factor, and the I Wish song.

This is so fun and I just love it and totally Cher Lloyd I see so much of her in this!

It's the best. I love her

That song is awesome!

3 Swagger Jagger

I just love her songs

I think this song is the best I hope cher Lloyd can perform it in nyc

4 Oath

My absolute favorite Cher Lloyd song. This is so fun and this is in the top five of I wish I wrote!

Beautiful song on the amazing bond of friendship... Should definitely be higher on this list

I'm speechless/ this song is really good..

5 Sirens

Definitely her best song. No question about it. Should be number one, especially compared to the ones up there.

I love Cher and this song! It's so emotional and has amazing song lyrics, it's one of Chers best songs by far.

I love this.. Song... Nice... This the beautiful song of cher lloyd... This is my one of favorite.. Song of her

I think this is her most affecting song ever!

6 I Wish
7 Stay

This song is amazing must be number 1!

8 Superhero

Superhero is a kind of song that is really fun 2 sing and is fun!

Awesome should be at no. 1

This is my no. 1 song

9 Love Me for Me

It's the most awesome song ever.. ! 13? It should be among TOP 10.. ! The tune.. The lyrics... Is just so fantastic

10 Riot

It's so catchy! It makes you want to get off Tumblr and Twitter and actually have a life! Love it! She hits some high notes too.

Can't decide between songs, but I think this one is catchiest... What's sad is that it's album-only on iTunes and I didn't get the album off iTunes... So I can't have it! :0 :( :P I might survive

Awesome! I love her!

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11 Beautiful People

I love the lyrics

12 Just Be Mine
13 Rum and Raybans
14 Activated

Not gonna lie, this is really good. The lowkey vibe fits Cher Lloyd well and hook is addicting. It's catchy and the lyrics are weird but I don't care cause the production makes up for it. 4/5

15 Playa Boi
16 M.F.P.O.T.Y.

I think that this song was her number 1 hit because I love how she is really making her words me something. also because I basically I love you Cher Lloyd

17 Behind the Music

It's a cover of Anjulie

18 Human
19 Dirty Love
20 Killin' It
21 Dub On the Track
22 The Clapping Song

Cher Lloyd's final performance on the X Factor should be at least in the top 5.

23 Bind Your Love
24 Talkin Dat
25 End Up Here
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