Best Converge Songs

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1 Jane Doe

Why most of the songs from AWLWLB are ahead of this? This is one of the greatest closer tracks I ever heard

2 The Saddest Day

This is just one of the most insane, raw metalcore songs ever made. So much chaos, so much riffs, it is just incredible.

3 You Fail Me
4 Homewrecker
5 Last Light
6 Concubine

This is the single greatest opener to an album that I have ever heard... Most albums would probably try to ease you in with the first track, but this just goes straight to the noisy guitars and unintelligible screaming, and it's just fantastic. Jane Doe is the greatest metalcore album of all time, no arguing there.

7 All We Love We Leave Behind
8 Aimless Arrow
9 Axe to Fall

They've managed to make a track just as intense and fierce as Concubine here. Holy hell this gets my blood boiling and hairs standing. Yeah it really kicks in the adrenaline at full force. I just wanna break everything around me when listening to this.

10 Sadness Comes Home
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11 Tender Abuse
12 Trespasses
13 Wretched World
14 Empty on the Inside
15 Coral Blue
16 Dark Horse
17 Sparrow's Fall
18 Fault and Fracture
19 Thaw
20 Vicious Muse
21 Eagles Become Vultures
22 Distance and Meaning
23 A Single Tear
24 Hell to Pay
25 Phoenix in Flight
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