Best Nazareth Songs

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1 Love Hurts

Great song, nazareth is one of the most underrated bands in rock history (Not this song though) You should listen to all the songs below if you haven't already.

Fantastic cover version by Dan and the boys, as usual 110% commitment from the band, result : a timeless classic rock ballad

Great song. An all-out love song, yes, but one that no man should ever be ashamed of listening to often

What a great song

2 Hair of the Dog

Great song I think even better than Love Hurts

3 This Flight Tonight

Great feeling

4 Dream On
5 Broken Down Angel
6 Razamanaz
7 Bad Bad Boy
8 Sunshine

Again why is this even on the list?!

9 Shanghai'd in Shanghai
10 Miss Misery
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11 My White Bicycle
12 Morning Dew

Several version made brilliant early track should be in the top ten, my favourite changes with my mood but today this is no one.

13 Animals
14 Love Leads to Madness
15 Where Are You Now

Perfect rock ballad

16 Changin' Times
17 Go Down Fighting
18 Freewheeler
19 Please Don't Judas Me

Cool unique sound

20 Holiday
21 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
22 Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)

From the Heavy Metal soundtrack. Too bad it's not on one of their studio albums as well. Awesome song!

23 Not Faking It

Best Nazareth tune

24 Beggars Day
25 Somebody to Roll
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