Top 10 Best Rev Theory Songs

What is the best Rev Theory that people like most? Let's see...
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1 Voices

Whoa! This song pumps me up. The greatest song they ever made. Still can't stop listening to it. I've heard all the voices of Rev Theory.

Without a doubt, the best. Perfect for Orton.

I hear voices in my head.

2 Hell Yeah

This song creates such high electrifying intensity that can't be matched with any other song! And it was used with the promos of Undertaker vs Edge at Extreme Rules!

Simply my most favorite song!

Best song by Rev Theory, easily! Gets the adrenaline pumping and makes you feel like you just won a million bucks.

The best pump-up song for everybody!

3 Far from Over

This song gives me energy.

4 Light It Up
5 Broken Bones

You guys need to expand your horizons. Rev Theory is so much better than the stuff you've heard from them on WWE. Don't get me wrong, Voices, Hell Yeah, Justice, and Light it Up are all great songs, but Broken Bones is the best. Other favorites are Kill the Headlights, Dead in a Grave, and The Fire.

Such a heartfelt, simple, full of emotion, just plain epic ballad. This song is literally a life-saver. I sang this song to my girlfriend yesterday. God, a heavenly song, it is undoubtedly the best Rev Theory song.
"We all need somebody that can mend these broken bones."

Truly unappreciated because it doesn't catch you immediately. It's got such amazing and melodic lyrics.

6 Justice
7 The Fire

This is one of Rev Theory's best songs, full of emotional lyrics!

One of my favorite songs.

8 Ten Years
9 Favorite Disease
10 You're the One
The Contenders
11 Falling Down
12 Hangman
13 Kill the Headlights

All awesome songs, but this is probably the song that sticks out the most when you listen to every song they make. I believe they are definitely one of the hottest bands out there at the moment!

14 Dead in a Grave

A classic, rebellious rock and roll song. Hard to pick a favorite from theirs, but "Dead in a Grave" might be it. Rev Theory is so much more than WWE. All their songs are great, but I beg you, please listen to enough of their stuff to make an accurate judgment when you vote on these lists.

15 World to Burn
16 Wanted Man
17 Undone

One of the most underrated hard rock songs of all time.

18 Say Goodbye

I like the slow tempo in this song. Great intro, and it's generally a good song.

19 Selfish and Cold

It seems like not many of the TiC songs made it on this list. It's a solid album deserving of some recognition. This and Take Away are my two favorites.

20 After the Rain

One of the best songs by Rev Theory I have heard. And yes, it was WWE's original Legacy (Orton, Rhodes, DiBiase) theme song. If you're really looking for a good song, I highly suggest this song, After the Rain.

21 Something New
22 We Own the Night

Easily their best song. Blows everything else away. No doubt about it. Check it out before voting because clearly, it doesn't deserve to be languishing out here.

23 Loaded Gun
24 Wicked Wonderland
25 Take Away
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