Best Spiritfall Songs

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1 Walking Through Fire

I love this great song. It's a huge hit, and I'm voting for it. The best, most enjoyable track ever.

A great song that anyone will enjoy. A true nu-metal track.

Best song. I like it all the time.

2 My Reason

Greatest song! The lyrics are awesome and meaningful. A truly nice song for all time.
Best nu-metal song. The best Spiritfall song. I like this song all the time.

Best Spiritfall song. The band is amazing, and this song is one of the greatest. Top song of all time.
This song is very fine and enjoyable, a really nice track.

Very good and so enjoyable. A fantastic song.

3 What Happened to the First Time

Spiritfall is the best band of all time, and this is their best song ever.
This song is a real hit. An awesome track with fantastic lyrics.

A super hit with excellent lyrics.
A top song, and an awesome nu-metal track.

Spiritfall is the best. Very good and among the top songs.
Such a nice song! Great job. One of their greatest songs.

4 Already There

This is a great song, a real hit.
It's the best alternative/slow rock song and the most beautiful song ever.

A beautiful song that I both like and love.
Awesome song with the best lyrics.

5 Fallout

Greatest band and greatest song. Wow, the best lyrics and an all-time favorite song, even though there's no official video.
A wonderful song. I love it. I'm voting for it now.

A truly wonderful song. Spiritfall is such a great band.
This song perfectly captures alternative rock and nu-metal.

The best song of all time.
I love this band and this song. Such a fantastic track!

6 Without Words

One of the best songs and a major hit.
A top-notch alternative rock track. The most beautiful song ever.

The best song, and the guitar is fantastic.
Very nice track. Amazing lyrics.

7 Lost

A fantastic song with great lyrics.
I like this song.

8 All I Have Left

The best Spiritfall song of all time. Such a great track! I really like it.
Amazing lyrics. What a fantastic song.

9 Going Nowhere
10 Will You Cry For Me
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11 Together
12 Forgotten Memory
13 Sound of Change
14 Slip
15 More Than I Can Give
16 Questions to An Answer
17 Through My Eyes
18 From Now On...
19 Wasted Breath
20 Paint a Picture
21 The Feeling of Becoming
22 Feels Like
23 Missing Passion
24 Record Promo
25 Ghost Love
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