Top 10 Best Trans-Siberian Orchestra Songs

A top list that reflects the majesty of Trans Siberian Orchestra (ex Savatage).
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1 Christmas Eve Sarajevo

One of the best songs by Trans-Siberian Orchestra! This was my first song I heard from them, and I fell in love! An awesome song! This song makes me excited for Christmas!

After hearing this song, I fell in love instantly with Trans-Siberian Orchestra! I don't like the live version of this song.

2 A Mad Russian's Christmas

A very good song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra! It's nice to listen to, and it's fun to listen to! Love this song!

This song is absolutely beautiful and awesome!

3 Believe

This is a great song and touches my heart.

4 Promises to Keep

I love this song. It's beautiful and sweet. I don't like the live version, though.

This song is so beautiful it makes me cry every time I hear it.

This song is hauntingly beautiful.

5 An Angel Returned

A very beautiful song to listen to! It's a very pretty and lovely song! It's also awesome in person!

6 Old City Bar

Love this song! This song is beautiful and has a good story in it! It has a good message. Such a touching song!

Such a touching story about the magic of Christmas.

Great story and message. A truly great song.

Truly a touching story and song.

7 Wizards in Winter

I love this song and the fast keyboard part at the ending! Such a good song! The live version of this song is great! Love the light shows people do to this awesome song!

It really makes the holiday season listening to upbeat, good songs such as this one.

I love the tune and the ending of this song! I don't like the live version of this song.

8 Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24
9 O' Come All Ye Faithful / O'Holy Night

A very nice song! Very soothing to listen to and awesome! Very relaxing to listen to! It's awesome in person. Al Pitrelli's solo is awesome in this song!

This song is relaxing and nice! I listen to it every night before bed.

10 Christmas Canon Rock

I cannot wait until Christmas time just so I can play this song.

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11 This Christmas Day

A very catchy song to listen to! Makes me want to clap along with the song! Such a fun song to listen to!

This song is awesome and sweet. I love listening to this.

12 Ornament
13 Christmas in the Air
14 A Star to Follow
15 Mephistopheles
16 Nutrocker
17 Midnight Clear
18 The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)
19 Night Castle
20 Sparks
21 Queen of the Winter Night
22 What Child is This?

Absolutely. The last three minutes of their lyrics are even better than the beginning.

23 I'll Keep Your Secrets
24 Epiphany
25 Carol of the Bells
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