Top 10 Deep Purple Songs of the 70s

The Top Ten
1 Highway Star
2 Child In Time
3 Smoke On the Water
4 Mistreated

I prefer the live version from California 1974 over the studio version.

5 Black Night

Such a great handbanging riff to the verses - abrasive and pretty thrashy riff, overall.

6 Burn
7 Soldier of Fortune
8 Stormbringer
9 Hard Lovin' Man
10 Painted Horse
The Contenders
11 Mary Long
12 Speed King

Also check out Venom's cover version - it's awesome.

13 Into the Fire
14 Gettin' Tighter
15 Wild Dogs
16 Lay Down, Stay Down
17 Bloodsucker

Can't get enough of Gillan screams on this one.

18 Flight of the Rat
19 Strange Kind of Woman
20 When a Blind Man Cries

The sample plays Metallica's cover but it's a good cover so I don't mind. Deep Purple fans know the original.

21 The Gypsy
22 Lazy
23 Living Wreck
24 Lucille
25 This Time Around / Owed to 'G'
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