Top 10 Songs with the Best Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solos

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1 Eruption

Eddie rewrote guitar playing in 1 minute and 42 seconds as rock journalists have opined. I agree! The only one that is comparable is Hendrix Star Spangled Banner!. CASE CLOSED!.

One of the best solos ever... It Opens The Door to a complete new world of hard rock music and guitar, all thanks to Eddie, best guitarist ever behind Jimi.

This is the end all debate over who the greatest guitarist ever is! No talent is better than his innovation.

This is definitely an absolutely amazing guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. A masterpiece.

2 Beat It

This is certainly not the best Van Halen solo ever... but its undeniably an amazing treat to the ears! Just because this song appears in a pop album, rockers tend to dismiss it... In my opinion, from purely musical point of view, this Van Halen- Michael Jackson collaboration is nothing less than fabulous! One of the best pop-rock songs ever composed... a timeless classic! Van Halen's solo adds the electrifying feel to the song, and Jackson's sheer genius sparkles all along... Long Live Eddie... kudos to Michael Jackson!

Beautiful shredding solo, that fits in with an artist like Michael Jackson. Two of the most talented musical artists in their own right!

I didn't know he did the solo on this song.

Maybe not the best but maybe the only person to cram 29 notes in a measure evenly... hehehe

3 Jump
4 Dreams

I love Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo on this song.

5 Hot For Teacher

Take away David lee Roth on Vocals and Eddie sucks!

6 Humans Being
7 I'm the One

Shredding all the way through, utilizes all of his famous techniques.

8 Ice Cream Man
9 Feel Your Love Tonight
10 Panama
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11 Poundcake
12 Spanish Fly
13 Top Of The World
14 Love Walks In
15 Mean Street

From the opening solo in which Eddie was emulating the popular 70s funk bass slapping technique, to the extreme string bending of the main solo, Eddie is demonstrating that he is not limited to his trademark finger tapping solos, and that he can do things with a guitar never before imagined by mere mortals. Amazing!

Eddie Van Halen's solo on Mean Street is very unique...I personally love it.

No Doubt one of the wildest Eddie solos I've heard besides Eruption

16 When It's Love
17 Cathedral

Love the reverb and the vibrato. I just sounds, and is, Amazing!

Extremely difficult to play and a testament to eddies amazing talent

18 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
19 Why Can't This Be Love
20 Right Now
21 Black And Blue
22 Somebody Get Me A Doctor

It's definitely not the hardest solo Eddie Van Halen has done (Eruption comes to mind). But it really flows, and doesn't get the credit it deserves.

23 You Really Got Me
24 Sweet Victory

Awesome song and solo!

What not van halen

25 Runnin' With The Devil
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