Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1975

I know it may seemed in the worst of list that I have something against this year, and yeah the stinkers were really bad, but the good stuff from 1975? Some of the greatest songs written in the history of popular music.
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1 Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Masterpiece, you can disagree with me if you want but I personally think this is Springsteen's greatest song ever, the energy and raw yet powerful sound of this songs marks everything amazing not only about his persona but also about rock music in general, mix that with some of the greatest sax solos you will find in rock music and one of the most uplifting and cheerful lyrics in rock music history and you will get one of the most perfect songs in the history, despite topping at #23 and not even making the year end list, this song is so good it's still considered as a rock hit through all this time, and one of the most iconic songs in the entire decade

One of the most predictable number ones on these lists. With good reason.

2 Killer Queen - Queen

Arguably the very first song in Queen's entire career that made them superstars and with a good reason, the song itself is extremely catchy, powerful and despite not being the anthem stadium of We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, the borderline inascapable Another One Bites the Dust/Don't Stop Me Now or the composition masterpiece of Bohemian Rhapsody, it shows how versatile and talented the entirety of Queen are

3 Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet

I'm not really sure if I can call this the funniest song of the entire decade in a good way... but it definitely goes up there, this song is genuinely one of the most addictive and hilarious songs I have heard, it's imposible to not get genuinelly pumped up while listening to it

4 You're the First, the Last, My Everything - Barry White

Arguably my favorite Soul song from the entire decade, it's another of those songs that are so good that I cannot find enough good things to say about it, just let one of the most catchy and cheerful tracks from the entire genre, and who thought that Barry White could perform the sexiest songs of all time

5 Fame - David Bowie

Bowie's biggest song from his 1975 soul effort Young Americans and one of the best examples of rock and soul mixed together working well, shows how advanced to it's time Bowie was as a musician

6 Sister Golden Hair - America

Anothe really catchy, simple but effective rock songs of the year, and I think this band in particular deserves more credit than it usually gets around the rock scene from the 70s

7 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
8 Black Water - The Doobie Brothers
9 Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire

It was a tough call between this one and That's the Way of the World, but personally I picked Shining Star as the superior song, I love That's the Way of the World but I feel Shining Star represents the best things from this era and year in a nutshell, the funky and energetic rhythm, the flow, the instrumentation, the talent of each person performing the song, this is one of those songs that is so perfect I don't find enough words to express how good they are

10 Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John

One of the most emblematic american songs written by a british guy, despite it's description, it's definitely one of Elton's funniest and catchiest songs in his entire career, doubt it if it would be in my personal top 5, but it's definitely up there

The Contenders
11 You are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
12 Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company
13 Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper
14 Tangled Up in Blue - Bob Dylan

One of Dylan's most acclaimed songs and with a good reason, from it's simple yet effective instrumentation to the essential and flawless lyrics in the track, there is a good reason why this one is one of Dylan's most well known songs and it's completely justifiable

15 Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
16 You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt
17 That's the Way of the World - Earth, Wind & Fire
18 I'm Not in Love - 10cc
19 Bungle In the Jungle - Jethro Tull
20 Misty - Ray Stevens
21 Boogie on Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder
22 Dynomite - Bazuka
23 Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
24 Love is Alive - Gary Wright
25 Angie Baby - Helen Reddy
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