Top Ten Judas Priest Songs with the Best Drumming

Music isn't always about being front and center or playing those crazy guitar solos, but also about the drumming. It is the drumming that keeps a good rhythm in songs, and helps create a good beat. Good drumming may be based on talent, or how well it works with the guitars. However, I'm only going to be focusing on songs by Judas Priest that have the best drumming.
The Top Ten
1 Diamonds and Rust
2 Exciter
3 Subterfuge
4 Freewheel Burning
5 Race with the Devil
6 Screaming for Vengeance
7 Bloodstone
8 Sinner
9 Metal Gods
10 Desert Plains
The Contenders
11 Hell Bent For Leather
12 Rock Forever
13 Metal Messiah
14 Judas Rising
15 Rapid Fire
16 Ram It Down
17 Painkiller

This is by far the best Judas Priest song when it comes to drumming. Scott Travis plays a phenomenal drum solo at the beginning, right before some complex beats that work really well with the guitar riffs. This song shows Scott Travis's insane talent and how he is a really good Metal drummer.

And the intro was hell of a drumming

18 Rising from Ruins
19 Winter
20 Leather Rebel
21 Deep Freeze

This one shows incredible restraint.

22 Hell Patrol
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