Top 10 Judas Priest Songs with the Best Riffs

The Top Ten
1 Hell Bent for Leather
2 Electric Eye
3 Breaking the Law
4 You've Got Another Thing Comin'

I like this song more than Painkiller. It's my second favorite song of their's. And yes, the riff is awesome.

5 Living After Midnight
6 Painkiller

My favorite guitar riff ever is this song

7 Victim of Changes
8 Turbo Lover
9 Beyond the Realms of Death
10 A Touch of Evil
The Contenders
11 Freewheel Burning
12 Hell is Home
13 One Shot at Glory
14 Dissident Aggressor

One of my favorite riffs by JP - it's pretty heavy for 1977. A very Deep Purple-ish riff and song in general.

15 The Ripper

I also like this one very much.

16 Necromancer
17 Heroes End
18 Hell Patrol
19 Future of Mankind
20 Prophecy
21 Saints in Hell
22 Leather Rebel
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