Top Ten Best Music Genre Combinations

There are plenty of music genres, but some go really well together. Let's take a look at some. And most of the items have classical music in there because it goes with just about everything.
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1 Classical and Metal

Yes! This is awesome. Symphonic metal exists, and I love it. Can't get enough of Blind Guardian's 2015 album! Actually, every metal subgenre goes well with classical - thrash, prog, death, black, power metal... It's because metal music is based on classical. You didn't know that? No problem, now you know.

I'm very happy to see this at #1. Symphonic Metal is Classical music designed for headbanging! Plus, it's the genre of my favorite band, Nightwish!

Has anyone heard of Rock of Ages 3? Those songs were legendary.

2 Classical and Rock
3 Rock and Electronic

There are a good amount of industrial bands and bands of other genres that mix rock and metal and are good at it.

Maybe some types of rock but not all. I can't imagine hard rock with electronic. AC/DC and electronic? No.

4 Folk and Metal
5 Pop and Electronic

Most pop music has electronic influences, but unfortunately, the pop artists abuse electronic most of the time.

6 Industrial and Rock
7 Rap and Electronic

If the rap part is executed well and doesn't take up a majority of the song, it can work.

8 Rap and Rock

This is usually horrible, see Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, but I love me some Rage Against the Machine!

Only works a few times. Epic by Faith No More is a good example.

Forget about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. Listen to Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine to know good rap rock.

9 Classical and Electronic

I've always thought of how this would work.

10 Jazz and Electronic

I was introduced to this by our very own P. Wildhawk. It's really rather good.

The Contenders
11 Trance and Progressive House
12 Classical and Dubstep

Like what Lindsey Stirling does? I love her music!

13 Hard Rock and Alternative Rock
14 Metal and Jazz
15 Punk Rock and Heavy Metal
16 Hard Rock and Folk Rock

So, bands like Franz Ferdinand and White Stripes?

17 Classical and Jazz

How was this not on the list yet? Gershwin, Oleg Lundstrem, or Debussy's Minstrels?

18 Hard Rock and Indie Rock
19 Jazz and Progressive Rock
20 Pop and Metal
21 Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal
22 Jazz and Funk
23 Jazz and Technical Thrash Metal
24 Opera and Hip Hop
25 Soft Rock and Hard Rock
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