Best Public Service Broadcasting Songs

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1 Spitfire

My favourite PSB songs:
10. Sputnik
9. Turn no more
8. Theme from PSB
7. Go
6. Gagarin
5. The pit
4. E.V.A
3. Progress
2. Night mail
1. Spitfire

Spitfire is one of my favourite songs of all time.

One of my favourite songs of all time. The ending is just so amazing that I cannot believe it exists!

Inventing this song was an even bigger achievement than invented the Spitfire itself!

2 Night Mail

Beautiful and catchy. Can't get enough of it!

Wonderful piece of music.

3 Progress

I absolutely love this song, especially the chorus.

Very very catchy! Should be in the the top 5 for sure.

Great song, it gets stuck in your head!

4 E.V.A.

No top, no bottom, everything is weightless!

I absolutely love this song!

Great drumming, great tune, very catchy yet somehow reminds you of space (what the song is about)

5 The Pit

After a few listens, this song sounds absolutely fantastic!

Very underrated. Should definitely be in the top ten!

I love this song, especially the ending!

6 Gagarin

Great brassy sound and fantastic tune.

7 Go!
8 Every Valley
9 People Will Always Need Coal

I love this song! And Margaret Thatcher would absolutely hate this song (because it's talking about the coal mining industry)

I can't help but dance whenever I hear this very cool song.

Stuck in my head right now!

10 People, Let's Dance
The Contenders
11 London Can Take It
12 Everest
13 Im Licht
14 If War Should Come
15 Sputnik

Very nice song, definitely reminds you of space! Good one to listen to to help you get to sleep, because it's very calm and relaxing. One of PSB's best, I think.

I love PSB, and this song is very lovely once it gets going.

Lovely spacey music

16 Blue Heaven
17 Signal 30
18 Der Rhythmus der Maschinen
19 Gib mir das Licht
20 Theme from PSB

Great song that sounds quite unusual.

Should be in the top ten

21 Turn No More

A brilliant song about how the TERRIBLE Margaret Thatcher shut down all the coal mines. Worth a listen.

22 The Other Side

Stuck in my head right now. It's very catchy!

23 They Gave Me a Lamp
24 Inform - Educate - Entertain

Underrated song with a great tune.

25 Valentina

Absolutely lovely with beautiful guitar!

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