Best Songs from Aerosmith and the Beatles

The Top Ten
1 A Day In the Life
2 Dream On

Dream Until Your Dream Come True.

3 Hey Jude
4 Let It Be
5 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
6 Train Kept A-Rollin'
7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8 In My Life
9 Sweet Emotion
10 Piggies
The Contenders
11 Here Comes the Sun
12 Back in the Saddle
13 A Taste of Honey
14 Walk This Way

The very best classic song by Aerosmith. I think this song should be higher. it can gaves me even better feelings than with Dream On but I'm not saying it's the best song in objective terms...

15 Major Barbra
16 Anna (Go to Him)
17 I’ve Got a Feeling
18 Street Jesus
19 Tell Me
20 Never Loved a Girl
21 When I Get Home
22 Nobody's Fault
23 Do You Want to Know a Secret
24 Just Push Play
25 Devil in Her Heart
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