Top Ten Songs to Get You Into Deep Purple

The Top Ten
1 Highway Star
2 Perfect Strangers
3 Smoke On The Water
4 Child In Time
5 Stormbringer
6 Watching the Sky
7 Mary Long
8 The Cut Runs Deep
9 Soldier of Fortune

This song made me to love the band even more. I loved the backing organ's sound (riff/solo).

10 Hard Lovin' Man
The Contenders
11 Mandrake Root
12 The Long Way Around
13 Burn
14 All I Got is You
15 Fireball
16 You Keep on Moving
17 Kentucky Woman
18 Knocking at Your Back Door
19 Pictures Of Home
20 April
21 Vincent Price
22 Time for Bedlam
23 Space Truckin'
24 Demon's Eye
25 King Of Dreams
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