Top 10 Best Songs From the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is a list celebrating all of the songs written specifically for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies and TV shows. Please note that songs featured in the MCU, but not originally written for MCU movies and shows, will not be included.
The Top Ten
1 Lift Me Up - Rihanna (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

This song is so calming and beautiful. Not only does it feature the excellent singing voice of Rihanna, the background music (Is there a harp? Someone who knows about music correct me if I am wrong) is ethereal. Sometimes I listen to it before I go to bed to help me get into the right headspace for sleep.

2 Born Again - Rihanna (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

This ballad is excellent on its own, but with the context of the movie, it becomes even better. The lyrics talk about someone willing to sacrifice everything for the people and the place that they love, a concept that is very prevalent in Shuri's story in Wakanda Forever.

3 Agatha All Along - Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez (WandaVision)

This song may be about a villain destroying the main character's reality, but it still is so much fun to sing and dance to. Every time I think about it I feel excited and energetic. I could listen to this song for long amounts of time without getting bored. It may be short, but in its short runtime, it earns its spot on this list.

4 All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA (Black Panther)

This song may not have gotten as much spotlight as other songs on this list, but it certainly deserves it! 'All The Stars' is a chill yet fun song that fits the thematic feel of 'Black Panther' very well.

5 Pray For Me - The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar (Black Panther)

This song was used perfectly in the trailers and was excellent scene-setting in the movie. Plus, Stan Lee's cameo comes in the same scene that this song plays!

6 Black Panther - Kendrick Lamar (Black Panther)
7 Save the City - Adam Pascal, Taylor Rory Donovan, Derek Klena, Bonnie Milligan, Christopher Sieber, Shayna Steele (Hawkeye)

I know that this was meant to be a bad musical, but I loved it! It's such a catchy song and I am glad that we got to see the full version at the end of the credits.

8 Who's That Girl - Eve (She Hulk Attorney At Law)

It's a fun, chill song that was a great way to end the episodes of a fun, chill show.

9 Making It Up As We Go Along - Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez (WandaVision)

I really wish that this intro existed in more than one episode of WandaVision- not only is is a good song on its own, it is the kind of intro I would never use the "skip intro" button for.

10 Star Spangled Man - The Star Spangled Singers (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Is it a corny song? Yes. However, it clearly was made to be corny- it wouldn't fit the 1940's setting if it wasn't. It's still pretty catchy and fun.

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11 Live to Rise - Soundgarden (The Avengers)
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