Best Steve Perry Songs

Whether it's a song from when he was with Journey or after he left them, "The Voice" has sung some of the best songs of all time, list 'em and vote 'em!
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1 Open Arms

Beautiful love song, this comes from a time when this stuff was 100% truthful, nowadays it's just lies.

I first heard this when I was in middle school and have loved it ever since. It is timeless.

The way everyone wants to have their love is in this song!

2 Faithfully

Awesome, simple as that.

3 Ask the Lonely
4 Lights
5 Don't Stop Believin'

Best song ever!

6 Wheel in the Sky

This tune got me through heartbreak. It also got me through losing my fiancé. And last but not least, chemo.

Amazing song, second favorite song of all time!

7 Stone In Love

One of the best!

8 Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

This song truly shows Steve Perry's singing range and versatility. Just listen to the key that he starts this song in, and it only gets higher and higher.

9 Any Way You Want It

This is one of my favorites. I think it should be rated higher up on the list.

10 Separate Ways

My favorite rock song.

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11 Oh Sherrie

For sure, this is his best solo performance after he left Journey.

12 Sweet and Simple

I had no idea Sweet and Simple was on this list. It brings tears to my eyes just knowing he wrote this tune while admiring nature. My God, what talent. He is brilliant. Sweet as sugar, the notes he hit were sweet as sugar.

The range of his voice on this song is heavenly.

My all-time favorite. I listen to it incessantly. It's what I like to do!

13 When You Love a Woman

If you watch the video and truly listen to the words, I could only wish to be loved like this.

Just a timeless song.

14 Mother, Father

This has always been my favorite song of Steve's when he was with Journey, and it always will be.

The 1981 live version of this song at the Houston concert is absolute perfection.

Brilliant, just beautiful. I love the live 1981 Houston version.

15 I'll Be Alright Without You

Such a great song from a great voice.

16 Who's Crying' Now

I love how you do this.

17 Foolish Heart
18 Still They Ride

I agree, it's at least in the top 10.

19 I Stand Alone
20 Girl Can't Help It
21 Strung Out

It should be at least in the top 5.

My favorite. It should be #1.

22 Why Can't This Night Go On Forever
23 Stay Awhile

"I'd do anything... for her" is a classic, road-worn idea, except when Steve Perry sings it, it actually means something. The 1980 Osaka, Japan live version is the best and shows why, in his prime, Perry is unmatched. Near the end of another flawless performance, he hits a powerful vocal run while on one knee, bent over hugging a fan, and his voice is more pristine than on record. Otherworldly.

This song will be played at my funeral one day. My family has been notified more than once. Not being morbid, just real.

24 She's Mine
25 Only the Young
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