Top 10 Things to Say After "I'm Sorry, the Old Taylor Can't Come to the Phone Right Now. Why? Oh..."

My favorite Taylor Swift song is You Belong with Me because it's not even a break up song or a hater song at all. It's got true meaning to it too. But when she won a few Grammys after that she started making break up songs. What a terrible thing to do as a singer. Then she makes annoying songs after that. Now she makes Look What You Made Me Do making that her worst song. So just for fun, I'd like to make a list to solve this issue.
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1 Cause that's the wrong number
2 Cause this is Patrick
3 Please leave a message at the tone.

Yeah, you know those trick messages going like "Hello?... Ok stop right there, give me a favor to leave me a message at the tone ok?" They're funny.

4 Cause she's at school learning how to make lyrics right

True, how she kept on making breakup songs at the time is how it started, of course. Sad. I can't believe her albums kept on being hits no matter what she does. Like, if she does something terrible, it becomes a hit, and the Swifties are going to do Taylor's commands. Like, she commands them to bully every hater that hates breakup songs. What the heck, Taylor? WHY?

And I mean no breakup songs and more You Belong With Me related stuff. Just think about what she's done back in 2012 when she released We Are Never Getting Back Together.

5 Just kidding she's back

More You Belong With Me, less Look What You Made Me Do. I wonder what her next album will be like. Maybe an apology? Hopefully.

6 Cause she broke up with this phone

Lol. Ok, yes, now here's a lesson. If you're a famous singer that makes breakup songs, people will easily make jokes about it or even call you a Taylor Swift ripoff. Right? Yeah.

7 Cause this is the Magic School Bus

Is this the Magic School Bus?
Is this the Magic School Bus?
Is this the Magic School Bus?
Yes, it is.

8 She's busy with her break up songs

Remember when people reacted to her breakup songs back in 2012? And it even kept on playing on the radio over and over? Yeah, that's exactly where the story begins.

9 Cause this is an old telephone and it's gonna break in a second

Go buy an iPhone, Taylor. Old phones don't make you look classy anymore! It makes you look like someone back in the 1920s.

10 Because she’s listening to Sean Paul
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11 Didn't mean to make you cry, if she's not back again this time tomorrow. Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters.

You people see what I'm referring to? Maybe she'll be back. Right? Hopefully. If not, then I will be angry a lot more.

12 She's in my room
13 She's on vacation
14 Cause I said so
15 She's on a diet

It's a comprehensive diet. It doesn't just include what she can eat, but also where she can be at certain times, what she can be doing, etc.

16 That's classified information
17 Cause she's in the restroom
18 Cause she's getting out her tonsils
19 Cause she's dead
20 Cause that’s what she said

Sorry, couldn't resist adding this.

22 Cause she's a coward
23 Well, I have no idea who are you looking.
24 Cause we are never ever getting back together

We are never ever ever getting back together. We are never ever ever getting back together. You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me. But we are never ever ever getting back together.

25 Cause I'm gay
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