Top 10 Most Underrated Zach Bryan Songs

Zach Bryan has really made a name for himself over the past few years. He’s more of an indie Country Music artist than a lot of other artists today, but that’s what makes him stand out in a good way. I’ve mentioned him before and how his songs feel real and authentic with his storytelling abilities and instrumentals in his songs add almost a folk country element to them which works really nicely. Some of his songs are incredibly popular like “Something in the Orange” and “Oklahoma Smokeshow” but this is a list that talks about some of his hidden gems songs that I think are really good that don’t get talked about as much as they should.
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1 Crooked Teeth (Quiet, Heavy Dreams - EP)

This is what I believe to be Bryan's most underrated song. It's a catchy song that tells one hell of a murder ballad from the perspective of a man who lost his wife to another man and he goes out for revenge. It's a fun one to sing along to. In my opinion this is one of his most cleverly written songs that combines all the best elements of Zach Bryan's songs. This song is one of two Murder ballad tracks on the Quiet Heavy Dreams album and in my opinion it's the better of the two just because of the catchier beat alone. This song is criminally underrated in my opinion.

2 Driving (Elisabeth)
3 Sweet DeAnn (DeAnn)
4 Washington Lilacs (Elisabeth)

Initially this song was one I didn't think much of but listening to it again it's a bit of an underrated song even in its own album Elisabeth it doesn't stand out like some of the other tracks and wasn't one of those songs that I played super often I wasn't afraid to skip it but it's definitely not a bad song at all. This song talks about a couple that separated for one reason or another and the narrator admits he didn't treat her the best but they were able to come back together. It fits the second chance romance story nicely and shows that people can change and better themselves from their mistakes and shortcomings. It's a very sweet song that not a lot of people talk about

5 Birmingham (Quiet, Heavy Dreams - EP)

This song is another murder ballad similar to "Crooked Teeth" in this song you can feel the intensity and emotion of the narrator personally I found Crooked Teeth to be the better song out of these two both are very similar in a lot of ways. This one wasn't in an act of revenge but rather looking for a way out and knowing that the weight of his actions are taking its toll. It's overall a great song that really showcases Bryan's storytelling abilities

6 Quiet, Heavy Dreams (Quiet, Heavy Dreams - EP)

Quiet Heavy Dreams is a beautiful song that sounds a lot more calm and relaxed than some of his other songs but it's also got a bit of a sad tone to it. Bryan speaks from the perspective of a man who is working long hours The lyrics are about a man who is trying hard to be with the woman in his dreams whether or not she's even real. The whole story is the man determined to find his true love somewhere and it's a message to stay positive even despite the odds against him

7 Doing Fine (DeAnn)

In this song Bryan talks about the times he spent with "the boys" and all those reckless nights. The instrumentals are great and work really well here. The storytelling of this song really stands out to me. It feels relatable and genuine definitely a standout from his debut album

8 Come as You Are (Elisabeth)

Another song where the instrumentals are fantastic and they really carry the theme well. In "Come As You Are" Bryan talks about how sometimes all you need is a good group of friends around you and it doesn't matter how broken you are surrounding yourself with friends makes life better. It's an upbeat song that is fun to listen to I always picture sitting around a campfire with my friends whenever I hear this song and it's a good feeling

9 Old Man (Elisabeth)

Bryan's song "Old Man" is dedicated to all the hardworking dads out there who work hours on end day in and day out just to support and raise their families yet they don't complain and would do it all over again if they could. It definitely pulls on your heartstrings a little bit which is something that a lot of country songs do and it's certainly not a bad thing at all.

10 Let You Down (Quiet, Heavy Dreams - EP)

The Instrumentals in this song are fantastic it's got a really country folk feel to it. In "Let You Down" Bryan talks about a lover too sympathetic to break up and move on from him. The lyrics are a sad sorrow filled tune that touches on substance abuse and other shortcomings that have previously caused him to let down his lover. The fact that the narrator acknowledges these problems and regrets his actions shows that he is humble and cares deeply about his lover. This song is quite solid

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