Best Vangelis Albums

I think Vangelis' artistic success is owed to him being an autodidact, pushing himself to elevate his work. Lot of songs are filler on albums that could've been shorter. Otherwise I can count ten albums that are pretty much flawless.
The Top Ten
1 Opera Sauvage

The quiet moments, the structure, the timelessness of the melodies, the simplicity of it. If it wasn't for L'Enfant which is the one everyone secretly wishes wasn't there keeps this from being a perfect album. And everything else is.

2 Voices

This album has a lot of breathing space. No weak links, every song fits right in. The production is impeccable. Touching quieter moments, immensely listenable louder moments.

3 Invisible Connections

Minimalism, meditativeness. The former is a rarer occurence on a Vangelis album, and is well embraced. This is music for when you need a break in life.

4 L'Apocalypse des animaux

I wouldn't say that this has a wealth of major content. The final two tracks are useless and don't fit in. But tracks 2 thru to 5 beg to be listened to routinely. They make for a stripped down but captivating set.

5 Antarctica

Really no weak link in here. Strong emotions and understated beauty are evoked by strong compositions.

6 1492: Conquest of Paradise

Lots of gems, some filler.

7 Private Collection

The first half of Horizon is a bit annoying but everything else is solid.

8 Mask

Lots of incredible playing and production. Quiet moments, loud moments, bewildering moments. But movement 4 is really annoying.

9 The City

Absolutely nothing wrong with this album. But perhaps not as ambitious as some of the others I put here.

10 Chariots of Fire
The Contenders
11 Soil Festivities

The atmosphere is unforgettable.

12 Blade Runner: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

His 2nd best work only behind Chariots of Fire.

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