Top 10 Worst Song Lyrics of 2023

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1 "Why they pushing agenda? Рromotin' seхual gendеrs?" - Boycott Target, Forgiato Blow

The whole song is a transphobic and homophobic diatribe, but this lyric sounds like something Jake Paul would've written.

2 “Never hit a lady, but it's pretty hard to tell if you're a girl“ - American Flags, Tom MacDonald and Adam Calhoun
3 "About to go Darth, about to go Disney" - Watch the World Burn, Falling in Reverse
4 "She sellin' p***y on Amazon, whoa, I f**k your b***h with her tampon on" - Pump Rock x Heavy Metal, Lil Pump

Bizarre random dumb line next to the "She shallow nut like Jello!" line. It's laughably bad like the song itself.

Pump Rock x Heavy Metal is the worst song ever, complete with terrible lyrics.

5 "I'm a goddamn CEO, don't call me "baby", equal pay me" - Cinderella Snapped, Jax
6 "So watch what you say or I'll split your banana" - Vulgar, Sam Smith and Madonna

Madonna's music features are becoming as facepalm-worthy as her Razzie-winning movie appearances (her feature on "Popular" by The Weeknd is an exception though). On this underwhelming Sam Smith song that sounds like an awkward mix between "Unholy" and J.Lo's "Booty", she sounds like a grandma at a strip club trying to get everyone's attention.

7 "Full of good ol' boys, raised up right. If you're looking for a fight." - Try That in a Small Town, Jason Aldean

FYI, "good ol' boys" refers to white men from Southern USA who are conservative and overtly display racist and sexist behaviors, actions and thoughts.

8 "Mabu get money, while he pee. Shoutout to my label, that's me" - Mathematical Disrespect, Lil Mabu

This isn't even the absolute worst of the lines, but it's still really bad. Thank God this didn't blow up on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

9 "Meghan Markle, George Floyd, Burj Khalifa, Metroid" - We Didn't Start the Fire, Fall Out Boy

Questionable rhyming, plus Metroid started before 1989.

10 "Mister Big Boy, pullin' up in your big toy" - Mother, Meghan Trainor

What exactly are you referring to Meghan? His luxury car or his... thing-that-shall-not-be-named?

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11 "Emo n***a, paint my nails, then slit my wrist (Uh-huh, uh)" - 6 Rings, Lil Pump

This is one of many awful lines on the song. Lil Pump and his team really think that this and I Sell are acceptable for the Deluxe Re-release of Lil Pump 2? Yeeeeeeesh.

12 "And the obese milkin’ welfare" - Rich Men North of Richmond, Oliver Anthony Music
13 “Fried chicken, cat head biscuits” - Southern, Katie Noel
14 "Baby, won't you smell my foot?" - My Foot, Submarine Man

Ew, No one wants to smell Submarine Man's stinky feet that have been covered on asphalt.

15 "Gotta smell that foot real good" - My Foot, Submarine Man

Submarine Man is disgusting and can make anyone puke.

16 "You know it's only bars I'm spittin'" - Crack In My Crack, Big Baller B and Lil Mosquito Disease

What bars are you spitting Lil Mosquito Disease? You ain't got any.

17 "My grandma just called me a f****n' n****" - 4 Wheeler, Yuno Miles
18 "We in Afghanistan, we smokin' all Pakistan" - Clowning Around (Intro), E.M.B.E.E

I am from Pakistan and I found this racist lyric very offensive.

19 "Smacked my grandma in the face with a thong" - PayDay, Yuno Miles and Yuno Marr

Yuno Marr either sounds like an autistic kid with down syndrome or he is purposefully plugging in his nose in every song. Either way, he rips off peoples' eardrums by yelling loud noises on the mic. Don't ever give this idiot a mic ever again.

20 "I gave h*** to my teacher for some better grades" - Die4Nyash!! - Yung Spinach C**shot

Yung Spinach Cumshot? What kind of retarded stage name is that?

21 "Yada yada yada yada ya, gooby gooby ga Zoopy zoopy zoppy booby ba, poo poo zaza" - Crack Selling Anthem, Big Baller B
22 "Pound on the lama with my big bare feet" - On The Prowl, Submarine Man
23 "Smell the fungus with so much glee" - Fungus, Submarine Man
24 "All guillotines if you think you could eat my feet" - My Foot, Submarine Man
25 "The last sock that he pulled out had to make me go all out" - My Foot, Submarine Man
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