Worst Songs on XXXTentacion's ?

Oh boy... this list wasn't any fun to make, I know that is extremely poor taste to make a list like this by someone who died on a young age, let alone someone who had a lot of young fans looking after him, but in all honesty, this is a list that I couldn't have avoided.
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1 Hope

It was an extremely hard choice in between this one or Sad, but at the end of the day, I think hope is the actual worst song on ?, the song starts with a screeching intro and X telling how he is going to dedicate this to the victims of the Parkland shooting (this was recorded and release a few days AFTER the event) and process to say absolutely nothing, I'm not the only one who has made this observation before and will not be the last one neither, but in all honesty, the main reason why I think this is the worst song on ? by a long margin is by how transparently fake this song is, the whole segment of the Parkland shooting was added by the last minute and X doesn't say anything about it more than his emo drama of how he doesn't want to keep alive (in other words, is just 1-800 by Logic once again)
And the cherry on top is by how short this song is, it's just chorus - verse - chorus, the only redeeming factor I could find is that it's second chorus at least gives a glance at actual ...more

2 SAD!

I have made all of my opinions clear about this song and no one has changed at all, Sad is the most popular song in X's entire catalog, it was the first song he made after he turned into a household name, it was the first (and only) who went to #1 on the Hot 100 (arguably the worst #1 Hot 100 song of all time), it's the centerpiece of his entire career
The very first positive thing I could say to this song is the production, before Sad (and sadly after most of it) X's production felt from being extremely amateur (Jocelyn Flores, Revenge) to being overlyproduced and awfully mixed for a more abrasive effect (King, Look at Me, floor 555), Sad at least feel like more effort was put on it's production
And all of it goes terribly wrong on it's lyrics, I wish I could be more indirect with this but let's be real for a while, this song is the quintessential example of how to romanticize a real problem, I'm open to separate the art from the artist but even then it's almost impossible to ...more


X's collab with Travis Barker, now with such a name that he's working with, you could imagine that he spends more time working on this song right? Nope, it's just one guitar lick repeated through the entire song, with the last half being X screaming at the mic about how pain will always be there for him and one of Travis most mediocre drumming sessions, this is one of X's most overwhelming songs, it could have been made into something more unique and climatic and instead is just another excuse of him to jump into the screamo-ish bandwagon without going deeper, because at the end of the day the message would be deeper if he expresses it on the vaguest/laziest way more than an actual personal introspection in himself

4 $$$

Unlike the previous songs in which they had a pretty toxic message, an awful excuse into digging to a bigger problem, or just being lazy, we are into the first song on the album that it's... one of the un-funniest things ever made, I guess this was made for X to have more on his work than just the "sadboy" rapper pastiche he was known for (remember his first hit was far from being like that), but this is just pure filler in the strongest sense of the word, and absolutely adds nothing to the album more than being a joke track, a completely awkward, borderline un-listenable filler track... and the saddest part? It wouldn't be the last one

5 changes

The second single on the album and one of X's most popular songs, 2 minutes of one piano note with X crying about how his girl couldn't stand him and how it was all on her, look I don't really went making this list into seeking revaluation to his work or cancel him from beyond the grave, and I can understand why would someone relate or like this... but not me, this is just a Simple Plan song... hell I even go as far as saying that Simple Plan songs are better since at least they have more depth and energy in them (yes I just said it), so yeah, one of X's biggest songs is just a more mellow version of what Simple Plan was doing (and he thought this was good enough for an actual single)


We go once again into "funny" song territory and even if this one is better than $$$, it's just by a short margin, X's autotune vocals are awful, his delivery is in the most obnoxious way possible in which despite not being completely sure, I can easily imagine it was done on purpose, and of course it has a lot of classics from the worst aspects of rap as a whole... treating women as objects... if these was made by another random name I wouldn't be so shocked, but considering X's personal controversies (and also the fact this album was him going for a poppier/redemption arc) just makes this not only un-cohesive, but also disingenuous
Okay so at the time I was making this list, the featured artist in this song, PnB Rock passed away, my opinions about the song hasn't changed at all, but it's pretty sad that both artists in this song died at such a young age

7 going down!
8 Introduction (instructions)

I usually don't put interludes or spoken word segments on these lists, it doesn't count as an official song, but if you want a proof to how insecure this whole project is, X's explanation for this album is now about how the listeners needs to expand their mind, I guess it's by how "variated" and "experimental" the album is, which compared to what was on 17, it's truth, but give the same listener a hint to a more experimental act, and their mind got blown in seconds, but the real reason why this intro/interlude is here... X's poor excuse to justify his "genius", I'm not even exagerating, in the last half he unironically uses the word "genius" to mean what you think he means, if that isn't insecure I don't know what it is

9 Love Yourself (Interlude)
10 I don't even speak spanish lol
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11 schizophrenia

The second to last song on the album and the one that follows Hope... I give X this, unlike Pain = BESTFRIEND, this one does more justice to his whole "screamo-esque" style of his music he attempted to aim for, giving it a more proper build up and climax than whatever Pain = BESTFRIEND was... but at the same time, this was underwhelming, it's the follow-up to Hope and even if X seems more inspirational here than in the previous song, it's still too vague to show this feeling of genuine remorse for telling his fans to continue after the depression both of them suffered from, at least it's an improvement, but if you want an example of a song like this done right, just listen to Converge's Last Light

12 Moonlight
13 Before I Close My Eyes
14 The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)
15 Floor 555
16 Alone, Part 3
17 Infinity (888)

Going to be honest, this might be the best song I have listened from X, no joke, it sounds finished, there's a good build up, X's voice sounds better here than on most other songs, there is good instrumentation and production, it is by a long margin the song from the album with the most time spent on during the production and final result
And yes... I'm aware there is a song with the same name by another band that is miles ahead of this one (Linkin Park, you might have heard of them), but a song like this coming not only from XXXTentacion, but from the same album that has something like Changes, Smash, Pain = BESTFRIEND or Hope in it? A genuine improvement out of all of those
Ps: I also remember one time one X stan didn't know who Chester Bennington was... huh, wonder what X would have thought about this considering the Intro was pretty much about how his stans need to expand their taste (aka, listen to music made before Look at Me dropped)

19 Up Like an Insomniac
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