Top 10 Musical Artists that You Could Say Justin Bieber is Better Than

These artists are so bad, that you could call them even worse than the internet's favorite musical punching bag Justin Bieber. I'm not saying that these people's music is worse than Bieber's as a fact. All I'm saying is that their music is so bad that you could definitely call their music worse than Bieber's at the very least. Also feel free to add your own artists which you feel are bad enough to make this list. Let's Begin.

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1 Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor is an American scene duo currently consisting of Dahvie Vanity and Fallon Vendetta that formed in 2006. Former members include Jayy von Monroe (2009-2016) and Garrett Ecstasy (2009). All of them provided vocals to the project. more.

Dahvie Vanity is a sick pedophile

Try to be Nu Metal, but end up sounding like modern pop, no likey.

Please let this be in the top 3 soon

EDIT: Finally! It’s in the top 3! Keep it here - KingSlayer93316

2 Lil Pump Lil Pump Gazzy Garcia (Known professionally as Lil Pump, born August 17th, 2000) is an American rapper, producer and songwriter. Gazzy began his career in 2016 with a collaboration freestyle with Smokepurpp, which was eventually posted in Soundcloud to popular success. He broke out to mainstream the following more.

Kyle Lai-Fatt is way better than Justin Bieber he has helped everybody play NBA games like a boss

I think you mean Lil Wayne

"Gucci Gang Gucci Gang" - Lil Pump - Gucci Gang. Just when you thought the popular music of today could not get any worse we have a song out that repetitive, and popular as well. Wow! That is one of the worst songs ever made by human beings most likely. That song is so repetitive that I don't even think Justin Bieber has any songs as bad and repetitive as that one

At least Beiber didn't do drugs at 17 - princepretty

3 AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014 . They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1979, after which they hired Brian Johnson more.

Why would you even compare AC/DC and Justin Bieber? - Userguy44

4 Guns N' Roses Guns N' Roses Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1985. The classic lineup, as signed to Geffen Records in 1986, consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. Apart from hard rock they are also more.


They're both criminals. Only Guns N' Roses plays better music. - I80

Why? - Cyri

5 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Rolf Jacob Sartorius (known by his middle name), born October 2, 2002, is an American singer and internet personality, who rose to fame via social media from posting lip-syncing videos on and his Vines (on Vine). In 2016, he released his debut single "Sweatshirt", which reached the Hot 100 more.

He is not stupid, most of his fans are. Did they even listen to his music? He's talented

The new Justin Bieber, and he's even more talentless than Justin Bieber, plus he's 15 as of writing this. He got famous for lip sinking on, unlike Bieber who at least actually sang songs on youtube, which at least takes more talent than lip sinking. Which leads me to believe that the only reason Jacob Sartorius is famous right now is that Pre-Teen girls found him cute, that's it!

Don’t get me started on this kid. He’s probably Bieber’s cousin - KingSlayer93316

6 Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Onika Tanya Maraj, known professionally as Nicki Minaj (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist. Minaj is most known for her songs such as "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe". more.

"Anaconda" and "Stupid Hoe" are far worse than "Baby". - Misfire

Nicki Minaj is so talentless that if you look up Talentless in the dictionary you might find a picture of her staring back at you. Her music is nothing but extremely repetitive sexualized crap. I've even seen an episode of Ellen D.'s Show with her introducing little girls who listen to Nicki's music to her. Wow, little kids listen to this music, and it's welcomed by society, that's a way to lose your faith in humanity right there. At least Bieber's music is more appropriate for his audience.

At least Justin Bieber didn't make "Stupid Hoe" and "Anaconda", and at least Baby doesn't make me want to punch the wall, either. - allamassal

I don't know...I think some (not all) are better than JB, but Nicki is definitely not one of them.

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7 6IX9INE 6IX9INE Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69 or simply Tekashi, is an American rapper.

He makes Justin Bieber sound like God - DrayTopTens

Him and Lil pump are just annoying,rude,freaky and over all have OBNOXIOUS not tea just facts

This guy freaks me out so much!

Everybody. And I mean Everybody is better than 6ix9ine. Even Jacob Squeakysaurus is better than 6ix9ine...

8 Lil Wayne Lil Wayne Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American hip hop artist and is often referred to as one of the worst rappers of all time. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age. Before he became a household name and the artist he is today, he was 1 quarter of the southern rap group The Hot Boys, more.

New Lil Wayne yes, but old Lil Wayne no - DaWyteNight

Lil Wayne is such a pain to listen to. Very similar to Fetty Wap in many ways.

9 Young Thug Young Thug Jeffrey Lamar Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He became known for his commercial debut single 'Stoner', as well as other songs such as 'Check', 'Digits', and 'Best Friend' more.

At least you can understand Justin Bieber, and his voice and singing is nowhere as ear-splittingly bad as Young Thug's. - DaWyteNight

10 Migos Migos Migos is an American hip hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia, founded in 2008. They are composed of three rappers known by their stage names Takeoff, Quavo and Offset.

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11 Cardi B Cardi B Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, television personality and more.

Cardi b is awesome

Cardi B sucks! - Userguy44

Well, everybody is better than cardi b. She sucks! - DaWyteNight

No, she’s good.

12 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Hell no, get this off the list right now! There's no way that Justin Bieber is even close to the amazing artist that Justin Bieber is! Anybody who thinks Justin Bieber is anywhere close to Justin Bieber is a complete idiot and should have their head looked at. I am in absolute disbelief at this joke adding. - DaWyteNight

You mean Justin Beaver! (if you look up Justin Beaver you'll find his pics)

Yes, that makes total sense - DrayTopTens

DUH Justin Bieber is way better than Justin Bieber.

13 Fetty Wap Fetty Wap Willie Maxwell II, better known by his stage name Fetty Wap, is an American hip hop recording artist from Paterson, New Jersey.

One of those "artists" that is only good for the production in his songs. His voice is usually the worst part of his songs. - DaWyteNight

This guy has 6 baby mama's no joke - BreakFastBeast2005

One of those rappers who rap about nothing but money, sex, and drugs. Painful artists to listen to.

Fetty Wap isn't awful. I'm someone who can listen to both mumble and lyrical (though I do prefer lyrical) and actually enjoy them. - hiphopgod

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14 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".

It's not Friday yet, can't vote for this. - Cyri

I can vote for this because at least it’s Thursday - Carly19781

15 Paul Anka Paul Anka Paul Albert Anka, OC is a Canadian American singer, songwriter, and actor. Anka became famous during the late 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s with hit songs like "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and " Having My Baby".
16 Katy Perry Katy Perry Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. more.

No she's better than Justin.

Katy may have spoiled her talent, but she still has a chance. And no way. She has WAY more talent than Justin Bieber. Enough said

At least Justin doesn't sound squeaky and awful live - DaWyteNight

17 Nickelback Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

No. Even Photograph is better than Baby. - Userguy44

18 Post Malone Post Malone Austin Richard Post (born July 4, 1995), known professionally as Post Malone, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and guitarist.

Post you're the sunflower - Carly19781

Post Malone is WAY better than Bieber. Least post Malone doesn't spit on his fans.

19 Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland.

Rogerwaterfan1999 how can you put this on the list when it rocks very hard. Hard and rocking is always better than softer. Limp Bizkit is one of the most known rap metal artists and is one of the better ones. You know Rock is much better than todays Pop and Teen pop. This makes no sense. Saying Justin Bieber is better than Limp Bizkit is like saying Teen pop is better than Hard rock or Bay City Rollers is better than Led Zeppelin. Hard and rocking will always be the best type of music. One of the reasons a lot of people do not care for Justin Bieber music because it is not hard and rocking and it is too soft catchy. Justin Bieber is more girly. I guess by your logic you can say Rebecca Black is better than Grand Funk Railroad. Rage Against the Machine and Korn are better than Limp Bizkit just like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are better than Grand Funk Railroad. Both Limp Bizkit and Grand Funk Railroad are both just as good and all kinds of Rock music is good in there own way. There ...more

The only rock band (unless you count BOTDF rock), I'm putting on this list at the very least. Their rap Metal/Nu Metal style is very poorly executed, and their lyrics, dare I say it, cringy.

20 21 Savage 21 Savage Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph (born October 22, 1992), better known by his stage name 21 Savage, is an American rapper. He received attention for projects such as Free Guwop (2015) as well as Savage Mode (2016, with Metro Boomin) before going on to release his debut album, Issa Album (2017). He is best more.

WHAT!? No way 21 savage is WAY better than JB

At least Bieber doesn't have a clingy mumbly autotuned voice

21 Deep Purple Deep Purple Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, more.

What hell no?

Who added this? - Userguy44

22 Rihanna Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian-American pop singer. Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, she first entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers in 2003. She ultimately signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning more.

If I was forced to listen to rihanna or Justin Bieber for an entire day I'd pick Bieber, his voice is less annoying. - DaWyteNight

23 Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


24 Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd is an American rock band best known for popularizing the Southern rock genre during the 1970s They are known for songs like "Free Bird", "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Tuesdays Gone" .

Hell, no! - I80

25 LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO was an American hip hop-electronic dance music duo consisting of uncle and nephew Redfoo and SkyBlu.

Get this in the top ten please - KingSlayer93316

"I'm Sexy and I know it" may be one of my least favorite songs of all time.

26 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

Justin is a poorman's Chris to be honest, which is really sad.

But at least Justin doesn't make songs like Privacy - DaWyteNight

27 Matty B Matty B Matthew David Morris (born January 6, 2003), better known as MattyB or MattyBRaps, is an American children's artist, known for posting remix videos of popular music on YouTube. more.

Who? - KingSlayer93316

What a snot nosed kid - Userguy44

A lot of the same things I said about Jacob Sartorius apply here.

28 Kodak Black Kodak Black

Na Kodak has some good stuff, yeah I said it. That's not to say he doesn't still have some awful stuff because he definitely does. - DaWyteNight

29 Theory Of A Deadman Theory Of A Deadman Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian post-grunge band. Formed in 2001, the band is currently signed to Roadrunner Records as well as 604 Records. They were discovered by Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger.
30 Dimash Kudaibergen Dimash Kudaibergen Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen (Commonly known as Dimash Kudaibergen born May 24th, 1994) is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dimash is best known as a contestant of a talent show "Singer 2017" in China where he was declared a runner-up. He is also known for possessing a wide more.
31 CupcakKe CupcakKe Elizabeth Eden Harris, better known by her stage name, cupcakKe, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born on May 31, 1997 in Chicago, United States. Although she is best known for her sexually explicit lyrics, cupcakKe was raised in a church and is still a devout Christian.
32 Submarine Man Submarine Man
33 Kesha Kesha Kesha Rose Sebert (formerly known as Ke$ha) was born on March 1st, 1987 in Los Angeles, United States. She is best known for her hits like Timber, Tik Tok, and We R Who We R. more.

Taylor Swift + drugs + partying = Kesha - WheresMyGuitarPick

Her early work is a true pain to listen to. Sure, her more recent work such as praying is getting praise right now. I personally think praying is a very overrated song, but that's my opinion. However, her early work is on par if not worse than Bieber's.

In my opinion, Baby > Praying.

Ke$ha is worse than JB. Kesha isn't. - 445956

34 Creed Creed Creed was an American rock band, formed in 1993 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band's best-known line-up consisted of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist and vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips.
35 Rae Sremmurd Rae Sremmurd Rae Sremmurd is an American hip hop duo, composed of two brothers, Khalif "Swae Lee" Brown (born June 7, 1995) and Aaquil "Slim Jxmmi" Brown (born December 29, 1993). They are best known for their platinum singles "No Flex Zone" and "No Type". They are signed to Mike WiLL Made-It's label, "EarDrummer more.

Over Here isn't music by any stretch of the definition, No Flex Zone and My X are also both terrible, and Swang and No Type are just meh for me. And their songs are full of swearing, at least Justin Bieber doesn't swear that much. - allamassal

36 Dj Khaled Dj Khaled Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known professionally as DJ Khaled, is an American record producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive.
37 Aqua Aqua Aqua is a Danish eurodance group, best known for their 1997 breakthrough single "Barbie Girl". The group formed in 1989 and achieved huge success around the globe in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
38 Lil Meerkat Lil Meerkat
39 Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue Kylie Ann Minogue is an Australian-British singer and actress. She achieved recognition starring in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, where she played tomboy mechanic Charlene Robinson.
40 Britney Spears Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer and actress who was born in McComb, Mississippi, and grew up in Kentwood, Louisiana. She performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows like "The Mickey Mouse Club" as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997 more.
41 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about more.

WHOA! WHO THE HECK PUT HER ON THIS LIST?!?!?! Taylor Swift is SIX BILLION times better than "Baby, baby, baby oh". She writes her own songs, which are meaningful, unlike Justin Bieber, who always sounds like he wants to make out with someone he doesn't know!

42 Lil Mosquito Disease Lil Mosquito Disease
43 D4nny D4nny
44 Eric Bellinger Eric Bellinger Eric Bellinger, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Los Angeles, California.

At least Baby is better than Apple Berry Nana - DaWyteNight

45 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

Only one person could have added this. AlphaQ. - Userguy44

What idiot troll decided to add these classic artists on here? - IronFist13

Probably their opinion, but I would have to disagree with their opinion

Les Zeppelin > Justin Bieber - KingSlayer93316

46 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under more.

Who the heck put him here?!?! I've seen a lot of stupid things, but this is bull!

Aw hail no! - DrayTopTens

What the...? Who added this! - DaWyteNight

47 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.
48 3 Doors Down 3 Doors Down 3 Doors Down is an American rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi that formed in 1996. The band originally consisted of Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Todd Harrell (bass guitar) and Matt Roberts (guitar). They were soon joined by guitarist Chris Henderson, and later by drummer Richard Liles.

Oh hell no - KingSlayer93316

Hell no I don't even listen to this kind of music that much but they're definitely way better than Bieber. - DaWyteNight

49 K.S. Chithra K.S. Chithra Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra, often credited as K. S. Chithra or simply Chithra, is an Indian playback singer from Kerala. Chithra also sings Indian classical, devotional, and popular music.
50 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.
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