Musical Movies You Can Watch Over and Over Again

The Top Ten

1 Grease

Grease deserves #1! I watched it 11 times! John Travolta was so cute!

2 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3 The Nightmare Before Christmas
4 Step Up

It is not musical, Ballroom.

5 Evita
6 Chicago
7 Hairspray
8 Mamma Mia

The best musical movie of all time. I have watched this over and over again while I was a child, my favorite song was Dancing Queen and Mamma mia. I will always love this movie and no one can make me change my mind.

9 Dirty Dancing
10 The Sound of Music

The Contenders

11 Help!
12 West Side Story
13 Sunshine On Leith
14 The Producers
15 A Hard Day's Night
16 Dancer In the Dark
17 Rio
18 Rio 2
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