Top 10 Musician Quotes About Other Musicians

Do you agree or disagree with the opinions of these musicians?

The Top Ten Musician Quotes About Other Musicians

Kurt Cobain on Guns N’ Roses: "They’re really talentless people, and they write crap music, and they’re the most popular rock band on the earth right now. I can’t believe it."

Umm, I don't think Nirvana were more talented than Guns N' Roses... Kurt wasn't a better guitarist than Slash and wasn't a better singer than Axl either. - Metal_Treasure

Maybe this is the reason people hate Guns N' Roses so much because they are mindless slaves who worship Kobain as if he was a god or something and making bands like Guns N' Roses look like satan or something - christangrant

And it's by the most talentless and the crappiest music writer ever...

Maybe he was too high at that time. - zxm

Trent Reznor on Marilyn Manson: "A malicious guy [who] will step on anybody’s face to succeed, and cross any line of decency."

Nine Inch Nails is so much better than Marilyn Manson - christangrant

Van Morrison on The Beatles: "The Beatles were peripheral. If you had more knowledge about music. It didn't really mean anything."
John Lennon on Chuck Berry: "If you had to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry."

Not Elvis Presley for sure...

Arjen Lucassen on Hansi Kürsch: "His voice is very distinctive and sounds so huge. Whenever he sings he’s like this bard, this giant standing on top of the mountain, filling the whole valley with his singing."

I definitely agree with this. - Metal_Treasure

Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon also talked about Hansi Kursch as the Astronomer in a concept album:
"Hansi was my first choice basically... I had this song “Planet Y Is Alive” and I still remember exactly... I was walking in the forest and I had the melody “planet Y is alive” in my head and I heard it with Hansi’s voice. Like it couldn’t be anyone else! What I like about his voice is that again it’s very distinctive. And he’s an incredibly nice guy as well, one of the nicest guys in the business." - Metal_Treasure

Ritchie Blackmore on B.B. King: "You can’t say it all with just four notes."
Noel Gallagher on Liam Gallagher: "He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup."

One of the nicest bros in music history (sarcasm). - Metal_Treasure

What the :O

Ritchie Blackmore on Dio: "I felt shivers down my spine [when Dio was singing]."

Body's aching all the time? - Misfire

Because Dio is a Metal God (Dio means God in Italian) - christangrant

Robbie Williams on Noel Gallagher: "He's a mean-spirited dwarf."
David Lee Roth on Elvis Costello: "Music journalists like Elvis Costello because music journalists look like Elvis Costello."

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Dave Grohl on Courtney Love: "She’s an ugly f*cking b*tch."
Alice Cooper on Marilyn Manson: "He (Marilyn Manson) has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
Ritchie Blackmore on Jeff Beck: "Jeff was always brilliant. Jeff was one of the first to use distortion. There’s quite a few guys before Jeff that used distortion."
Keith Richards on Chuck Berry: "It’s hard for me to induct him, because I lifted every lick he ever played."

Richard’s speech at Berry’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Metal_Treasure

Hansi Kürsch on Dio: "He was the master, he was THE vocalist, he really had something unique, everyone could feel that … and his whole career was really impressive!"
Elvis Costello on Morrissey: "Morrissey writes wonderful song titles, but sadly he often forgets to write the song."
Boy George on Madonna: "A vile, hideous human being with no redeeming qualities."
John Lennon on Elvis Presely: "Before Elvis, there was nothing."
Tim Charles: "Enslaved are really nice talkative alcoholics"

Tim Charles of Ne Obliviscaris - Metal_Treasure

Kirk Hammett on King Diamond: "You couldn't find a sweeter, more funny guy than him"
Arjen Lucassen on Hansi Kürsch: "He is such a nice guy, you wouldn't believe"
Tobias Sammet on Mille Petrozza: "He is evil and he kicks ass. He is a great guy, and a legend! And really cool."
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