Top 10 Musicians Who Are/Were in Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake


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21 Doogie White - Rainbow Doogie White - Rainbow Douglas "Doogie" White (born 7 March 1960) is a Scottish rock/metal vocalist, who has sung for Rainbow, La Paz, Midnight Blue, Cornerstone, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Praying Mantis and Rata Blanca . He is currently the vocalist for the Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, his original band La Paz more.
22 Bobby Rondinelli - Rainbow Bobby Rondinelli - Rainbow
23 John Sykes - Whitesnake John Sykes - Whitesnake
24 Graham Bonnet - Rainbow Graham Bonnet - Rainbow
25 Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake
26 Tommy Aldridge - Whitesnake Tommy Aldridge - Whitesnake
27 Marco Mendoza - Whitesnake
28 Jens Johansson - Rainbow

A keyboardist for Stratovarius and Yngwie, he joined Rainbow in 2015 for several live shows in 2016. Blackmore said that they do not have plans for a new album or world tour, and that the reunion is "just a few dates for fun." - Metal_Treasure

29 David Rosenthal - Rainbow
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