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1 Ludwig Van Beethoven (Deafness) Ludwig Van Beethoven (Deafness)

I like this list and your items order: of course a genius deaf musician and a drummer with one hand should be on top. - Metal_Treasure

Everyone is special in his own way

Playing piano is one of the hardest instruments to play,you have to listen every key of the piano in order to play a piano but when a musician is deaf and he is playing piano he can't listen then he is more than musician.and that is one of the reasons that he is one of the greatest musicians of all time - zxm

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2 Stevie Wonder (Blindness) Stevie Wonder (Blindness) Stevland Hardaway Morris, known by his stage name Stevie Wonder, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

His voice is god gifted, he knew this when he was just a kid - Ananya

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3 Ray Charles (Blindness) Ray Charles (Blindness) Raymond Charles Robinson, professionally known as Ray Charles, was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and composer.

What a wonderful voice, what a legend.. - Ananya

4 Rick Allen - Def Leppard (Full Arm Amputation) Rick Allen - Def Leppard (Full Arm Amputation) Richard John Cyril "Rick" Allen is an English drummer who has played for the hard rock band Def Leppard since 1978. He overcame the amputation of his left arm in 1985 and continued to play with the band, which subsequently went on to its most commercially successful phase. V 3 Comments
5 Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath ( Partial Finger Amputation) Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath ( Partial Finger Amputation) Anthony Frank "Tony" Iommi is an English guitarist, songwriter and producer. Best known as lead guitarist and founding member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath, he has been the band's sole continual member and primary composer.

He had to to tune down his string to make them easier to bend and invented heavy metal in the process. The irony is that he lost his finger tips in a metal pressing factory. All hail the Godfather of Metal! - TheStargazer

6 Andrea Bocelli (Blindness)
7 Paul Stanley - KISS (Microtia)
8 Bret Michaels - Poison (Type 1 Diabetes) Bret Michaels - Poison (Type 1 Diabetes) Bret Michael Sychak, professionally known as Bret Michaels, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and reality television personality.

Wow, I did not know this. He gets us diabetics then, and he's a very good singer. - Martinglez

9 Michael Bolton (Deafness) Michael Bolton (Deafness)

What? I didn't know this! I can't believe it's true... - Metal_Treasure

10 Hansi Kürsch (Tinnitus) Hansi Kürsch (Tinnitus) Hansi Kürsch, born Hans Jürgen Kürsch, is the lead singer, lyricist, co-composer and bassist for German power metal band Blind Guardian . Heavily influenced by Freddie Mercury, he creates a huge choir effect by overdubbing his own voice multiple times in complex, overlapping vocal harmonies. He records more.

Tinnitus is noise in the ears, usually ringing or buzzing.
Blindness is something bad but it's not related directly to music/singing condition whereas tinnitus is. Hansi is a hero. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Casey Harris - X Ambassadors (Blindness) Casey Harris - X Ambassadors (Blindness)

Yeah that's true, but that didn't effect his amazing skills - Ananya

He is not famous as many other musicians here but when I heard some of the songs and came to know that he is blind and he plays piano and keyboards then it made me think that he deserves more recognization,so I added him,just you can think how Beethoven showed his inspiration and then this man showed something like him(Beethoven) - zxm

12 Django Reinhardt (Two Paralyzed Fingers) Django Reinhardt (Two Paralyzed Fingers)
13 Edgar Winter (Albinism)

Albino people can't stay in sun along with many other problems, but no natural force couldn't stop from becoming a legend - Ananya

14 Itzhak Perlman (Polio)
15 Iggy Pop (Physical Deformity)

I try to add him again, and make it more simple (thanks to admin for renaming properly his disabilities):
His right leg is one inch and a half shorter than the other one, and his spine twisted after a fall he took dancing on an amplifier, which left him with a slight limp. He said: "As I began to lose unlimited use of my body, I had to start using my head. I'm a much more remarkable person mentally than physically." - Lotuscandy

16 Selena Gomez (Lupus)
17 Jose Feliciano (Blindness) Jose Feliciano (Blindness) José Montserrate Feliciano García (born September 10, 1945), better known simply as José Feliciano, is a Puerto Rican virtuoso guitarist, singer, and composer.

He is a great guitar player, and he is blind. - Powerfultekin

18 Rich Williams - Kansas (Lost Right Eye)
19 Kenny G (Asthma)
20 Jacqueline du Pre (Sclerosis)
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1. Ludwig Van Beethoven (Deafness)
2. Andrea Bocelli (Blindness)
3. Stevie Wonder (Blindness)
1. Ludwig Van Beethoven (Deafness)
2. Michael Bolton (Deafness)
3. Hansi Kürsch (Tinnitus)
1. Ludwig Van Beethoven (Deafness)
2. Rick Allen - Def Leppard (Full Arm Amputation)
3. Ray Charles (Blindness)

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