Top Ten Musicians with a PhD

There's a widely acknowledged link between music and math. But the connection between the two is even more pronounced when you look at the number of musicians with ties to the scientific world. Here are ten people who are at the top of their game both musically and academically.

The Top Ten

1 Dexter Holland (The Offspring) - PhD in Molecular Biology

Was a candidate In the university of southern california, but left his students but that didn't stop him from pursuing non musical goals, and became a licensed pilot in 2009 and once took 10 days to fly himself around the world! - Ananya

Metal _ treasure... thank you, you rock! - Ananya

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2 Brian May (Queen) - PhD in Astrophysics

He studied physics and mathematics at the imperial college of london for PhD, when Queen hit it big.thirty years later, in 2007, he completed his dissertation. Yes, the man who wrote " We will rock you " also wrote A survey of Radial velocities on the zodiacal dust cloud. - Ananya

Most intelligent and and highly educated musician ever (I think),while astrophysics is not an easy subject but he got a PhD in it and also played guitar and wrote songs at that time,mastermind musician,he is an inspirational musician for both study in music and in other subjects - zxm

3 Sterling Morrison (The Velvet Underground) - PhD in Medieval Studies

Said to be the forefather of punk rock, he completed his studies in then went to get a PhD from the university of Texas. - Ananya

4 Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave) - PhD in Political Sciences

Went to harvard for PhD.His both parents were teachers, his uncle was actually the first elected president of Kenya. - Ananya

5 Mira Aroyo (Ladytron) - PhD in Genetics
6 Dan Snaith - PhD in Mathematics

From the imperial college of London.
he is best known as the polaris prize electronic composer, so when he wasn't wrting about award winning music, he was writing about " overconvergent siegel modular forms a cohomological veiwpoint "... - Ananya

7 Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) - PhD in Zoology

He also teaches life sciences at University of California ( where he doulbled majored on anthropology and geology). - Ananya

8 Brian Briggs (Stornoway) - PhD in Zoology
9 Aaron Riches (Royal City) - PhD in Systematic Theology

Don't overlook this man. He is a genius - Ananya

10 Karl Precoda (The Dream Syndicate) - PhD in English V 1 Comment
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1. Dexter Holland (The Offspring) - PhD in Molecular Biology
2. Brian May (Queen) - PhD in Astrophysics
3. Sterling Morrison (The Velvet Underground) - PhD in Medieval Studies



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