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1 Mascara

Cover Girl Lash Blast in Blackest black outdoes every other mascara on the market. Cheap, clean, non-flaking and buildable. It does the job.

I love the beauticontrol thickening primer and maximum length mascara. It's one wand with two ends. Side one is the conditioning primer that ha s some of the same ingredients as the prescription Latisse. Apply side one and let dry. Then apply side two. It's so easy to make nice long full lashes without having to pile it on and the mascara brush separates your lashes really well. The price is mid at $20.00 Be I've used many this was the best.

It is really good for your eyes

Here's my list
7. Eyeliner
6. Lipstick
5. Eyeshadow
4. Lipgloss
3. Foundation
2. Concealer
1. Mascara

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2 Lipgloss

I always apply a little lip gloss to top of my look. Without my lip gloss I wouldn't feel or look complete. Xxx

It can really make us look gorgeous.

Shine bright like a diamond

I love lipgloss and lipsticks - RoseCandyMusic

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3 Concealer

Concealer is by far the most important makeup product. Lip gloss and eyeshadow (etc) don't really make you look better. It just adds to what's already there. Where as concealer covers blemishes and brightens up your face. It instantly makes you look naturally beautiful.

sometimes when you don't have time for applying a lot of products the best is to apply concealer on the dark cicles and you're ready to go! - beluzz

4 Foundation

Without it! I feel ugly

Takes care of any blotches.

5 Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of the few makeup tools I use.

6 Liquid Liner
7 Eyeliner

If you don't have time to use any cosmetic then you can use eyeliner because for using eyeliner you look totally different

8 Lipstick

I'm really love lipstick since I was a child - RoseCandyMusic

Have standard of iso for this products

9 Blush

One of the only types of makeup I wear

Blush makes you look alive! Ha well you can apply blush to give you a nice and natural look, a pop of color, or a nice flush, sometimes blush is great to slim your face. This is especially true with using blsh and bronzer to contour! You can create a look with blush even if not wearin any other makeup!

10 Eyebrow Pencil

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11 Eyeshadow Primer

Youniques new Eye primer is amazing! It's even great for peeling your lips! Super thin and translucent, definitely a huge game changer!

No, it's overpriced garbage just like all of their other products. - floral

12 Vitamin E Stick
13 Loose Powder
14 Highlighter Cream
15 Foundation Primer

Use this if you want your eyeshadow to stay on all day!

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1. Concealer
2. Liquid Liner
3. Mascara
1. Lipstick
2. Lipgloss
3. Foundation
1. Foundation
2. Mascara
3. Lipstick

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