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1 Can't Help Falling in Love Can't Help Falling in Love

This song is everything that love is... Poetic lyrics and a masterly deliverance of vocals by the King! Awesome music and backing vocals too.

This song is definitely my favourite Elvis song

Sorry, but I just can't stop falling in love with this man!.

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2 Don't Be Cruel Don't Be Cruel

I love this song! what can I say bout elvis?
i don't know, the name should be enough

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3 Jailhouse Rock Jailhouse Rock

The best song by the best singer. However much sad I may be... I just can't stop dancing whenever this song plays. Plus the video is really awesome too

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4 Hound Dog Hound Dog


5 If I Can Dream If I Can Dream

Elvis has made so many wonderful songs, this one reminds me of sitting in the Heartbreak Hotel watching the 68 comeback on the big screen in the restaurant. Memories sweet wonderful memories of my much love visit to Memphis to the home of my man Elvis.

the best by elvis.. it should be way up in this list!

I just cried my heart out when I heard this song. I totally think this should be number one. But, then again, it's absolutley impossible to choose... He has the best voice in the entire world. Not MJ, JB, or any other junky singer. Nobody can impersonate.
This song: the best, the best, THE BEST!

Love this song amazing Elvis no one can beat him and never will.

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6 In the Ghetto In the Ghetto

Brilliant song. His lyrics paint you a picture. This is the first time I've heard this song.

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7 Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel

Oh such a piteous state expressed in such a delightful manner.
Since my baby left me I got a new place to dwell its down at the end of the lonely street at heartbreak hotel

8 A Little Less Conversation A Little Less Conversation

What a voice... The energy... The music... You just stop everything and dance! Come on come on :D

9 It's Now or Never It's Now or Never

I have always appreciated all the songs of the king and particularly this one. He was really a very talented singer

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10 Burning Love Burning Love

Easily his most catchy and rockiest song ever, this song is amazing, catchy and just incredible, the second best is devil in disguise

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? Suspicious Minds Suspicious Minds

2nd best after devil in disguise

LOVE this voice in this song... MJ'S VOICE IS STILL BETTER - SmoothCriminal

Mj doesn't come close to Elvis and everyone knows it. Mj couldn't sing nobody compares to Elvis. This Song is better than any Jackson Song

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11 Blue Suede Shoes Blue Suede Shoes

This was the best song ever the most awesome music and of course elviss voice just made this magical

12 Are You Lonesome Tonight? Are You Lonesome Tonight?
13 Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas
14 All Shook Up All Shook Up
15 Memories Memories

I can't listen to this song without crying. So sweet, so beautiful, yet with a sad tone of what the future will bring when love ones are lost and all I have are memories.

Love this song from his 68
Comeback Always one
Of my favorite but I
Have many favorite I love
Elvis and everything about

16 Kentucky Rain Kentucky Rain
17 Always On My Mind Always On My Mind

One of my favorite songs. Elvis the greatest entertainer of all time.

This song is the best so beautiful it makes me cry love him.

Just awesome... All time elvis song

18 I Just Can't Help Believin' I Just Can't Help Believin' V 2 Comments
19 Mystery Train Mystery Train
20 Fever Fever
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