Top Ten Must Have Qualities Girls Look for In Guys

So, many are curious. What do girls search for in guys? Here are the top ten

The Top Ten

1 Kind

I so wish this list was true (these days anyways). - AGK

I'll sum this up. Guys: Don't be douche bags. - defyingravity

Respect is a big thing also.

Well don't be too kind, or else you'll be friendzoned - MaxPap

2 Humor

Laughing can bring people together.

Girls like to laugh too. - defyingravity

3 Similar Intelligence

No girl wants a guy who is either so stupid they can't relate, or so smart that she can't relate - defyingravity


I'm screwed
I'm so much smarter than the girl I like; that might be a good thing; it might mean she's stupid enough to not realize how weird I am
She is s=incredibly kind, pretty, outgoing and appreciative though

I want to know someone like you, you sound like such a nice person - pjo

4 Sensitivity

Someone who trays not to take it to far if you don't want to, but will always be there for you to cry on.

Most girls want a guy who wants to cuddle - defyingravity

5 Self Confidence

I came to this list waiting to read things I wouldn't like. Instead, I found all of the elements are understandable, though "self confidence" is the one I always wonder why girls only find attractive slef confident guys. Most self-confident guys are complete idiots, who believe they are the best of the world ignoring their idiocy. Humble men, who watch at themselves as great people but respect the girls and because of that they don't dare to approach to them, at least half of times are not self confident. So here's the point: The probability you find a guy who is self confident and at the same time a great guy, is really low compared to the probability to find an amazing guy who is not self-confident. But girls' likes goes with nature, and don't understand of human culture. I wonder why human beings can't decide which person to like by thinking rationally. It would be much better, wouldn't it? Great list, defyingravity. - keyson

I am not instantly attracted to a man with self-confidence. I prefer the modest, quiet, shy intelligent ones. Too much self-confidence is such a turn off. - Britgirl

I'm actually attracted to shy modest guys. From experience they're a lot kinder, sweeter, smarter, and attractive. But that's just me maybe I'm just weird :-) - happyhappyjoyjoy

Girls are automatically attracted to guys with confidence - defyingravity

6 Similar Beliefs

If you can't agree on anything, what is there to talk about? - defyingravity

7 Similar Hobbies

It's good to have hobbies and stuff you both enjoy - defyingravity

What else will you talk about?

8 Good Looks

Yes, girls are shallow as well sometimes. Most want a guy that is at least semi-attractive, if not a sex god. - defyingravity

That what I think in every boys

I’m into thin, tanned guys with black hair and glasses, along with a little bit of muscle. Every time I see a guy with glasses, I think they look better but guys without them are still good. Everyone has different opinions, which is fine but make sure that you don’t go out with someone just for their looks

9 Height

Height is not everything. Neither are looks. Just be yourself

No one cares how tall you are

Yea am tall, so that explains why girls go for me...

I like tall guys, but it doesn’t matter a whole lot

10 Dependable

The Contenders

11 Strength

Girls like guys who like a cuddle, but we also need a guy who can hold his own, stand up for himself, and for us. - defyingravity

12 Humble
13 Money

Who put this one?!

14 Smart
15 An Interest

Girls don't typically go for guys who aren't interested in girls, relationships, or really much of anything - defyingravity

16 Honesty

It's so hard these days to find a NICE guy who can be open to and honest to you WITH OUT breaking up with you.

17 Nerdy

Nerd girls are the best

I like nerds

18 Romantic
19 Athletic Ability

Lots of girls naturally look at how athletic guys are.

20 Voice
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