Top 10 Must Play Sega Dreamcast Games

The Top must play sega Dreamcast games all players need to play least once.

The Top Ten

1 Shenmue
2 Skies of Arcadia
3 SoulCalibur

Considered to be the best 3D fighting game for the Dreamcast. - egnomac

4 Crazy Taxi

As the name says you drive around in a taxi picking up passengers and driving them to their destination as fast as possible and you get to cause destruction along the way. - egnomac

5 Sonic Adventure 2

Adventure 2 improves on the orginal now you can play as the rhe heroes or the villians as you control diffrent characters threw out the story mode. - egnomac

6 Sonic Adventure
7 Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

One of the rarest and best dreamcast games ever made combining the world of The Marvel Universe and The Capcom universe for a 3 on 3 free for all. - egnomac

8 Power Stone 2
9 Jet Grind Radio
10 Power Stone

The Contenders

11 Dead or Alive 2
12 Samba de Amigo

It's a rhythm game where you use the maracas controls to play which worked a lot better on the orginal than it did on the wii. - egnomac

13 The House of the Dead 2
14 Typing of the Dead

Instead of shooting zombies with a light gun you use the dreamcast keyboard which sounds ridicules but works well. - egnomac

15 Resident Evil Code Veronica

Then first new Resident Evil game made for the Dreamcast - egnomac

16 Seaman
17 Toy Commander
18 Chu Chu Rocket
19 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
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