Best My Little Pony Equestria Girls Songs

Songs from the first movie, the second, the third and the shorts
The Top Ten
Unleash the Magic - EG3

This song is greate! Love cinches voice

We Will Stand for Everfree - EG4

Awesome, Gloriosa!

Under Our Spell - EG2

This song is also amazing! Love the dazzlings and this awesome song by them. An we also got to see a bit of the tournament

Favourite as a kid

Adagio rules!

Acadeca - EG3

Acadeca is so cool! It really gets me motivated if I have to do something really hard. It makes me really believe I can do anything! This is totally the best song! If my school ever had friendship games, I would pass out papers with the lyrics for our team to sing along to! When I watch the music video, I imagine my friends and me are the characters! I also extremely love the nightcore version of the song, because it is ore quick and even more motivatingly bouncy! This is the flipping best my little pony equestria girls song EVER!

This song is awesome! I expected the first events to be good and it delivered with an great song with it

Cool song! Reminds me to be fearless and nothing is impossible!

This song is really addicting.

Helping Twilight Win the Crown - EG1

Twilight rules! And the mane 5. And anybody seen Sunset spying on them while they sing? Sorry Sunset, good mostly wins. And it is the right choice for you that you reformed already.

Sorry, Demon Shimmer. Looks like the Magic of Friendship is just a little too much for you...

I don't care is People know Iit as the cafeteria song! I Love the song
The best of the movie

I like twilight is the best

Welcome to the Show - EG2

Amazing! Sunset Shimmers part is the most better one. But isn't that "Rainbooms Battle"? besides the Dazzlings started the song. Because in My little Pony Official, only the Dazzlings sing it. So glad that Rainbooms Battle are a part of "Welcome to the show."

Adagio Dazzle and Sunset Shimmer madness all in one song!

The dazzlings part was greate and the rainbooms part part was also pretty good but loved Sunsets part the most!

It is the best song of equestria girls and the part of sunset shimmer ist verry addict and GOT THE MUSIC IN OUR HEARTS!

My Past is Not Today - EG2 Shorts

Sunset is like all of us. Someone who has made past mistakes, but wants to fix them and make amazing memories. Sunset Shimmer has completely changed my life. I sing this song every day.

Wraps up the meaning of the song nicely with stunning, yet simple graphics.

It just make you love the character even more with this song

This song is just as good as the character singing it

Battle of the Bands - EG2

Sonata has a chance to become good and leave the Dazzlings behind. come on Sonata! Your team is gonna make a good song!

Come on, Sonata! Stop eating those tacos! We have a school to take over... *Adagio maks evil smile*

EG2 is takin over the list! Anyway this song is pretty damn cool

Hello. Persons. Jk. Peoples. Jk. Person. Or if you're two people which makes no sense, People. Or Two persons. Jk. Or two person. ≈∆≈

Intro Song - EG4
Shake Your Tail - EG2
The Contenders
Friendship Through the Ages - EG2 Shorts

The name of the future...

(No, seriously, MLP will return with Friendship Through the Ages!)

This song is wonderful and very underrated!

One of my favorite mlp songs.

Better Than Ever - EG2

EG2 yet again! This song is very happy

We are all together
Oh oh oh oh whoa oh
Now it's better than ever
Oh oh oh oh whoa oh
You can feel it
We are back
And I'm so glad that it's better
Better than ever...

Awesome as I Wanna Be - EG2

Sunset is not evil when she pushes Rainbow dash offstage. She was trying to help. So the Rainbooms won't show their magic in front of the Dazzlings. Rainbow Dash seems to selfish with all those words. Anyway this song is fine!

*evil Sunset pushes Rainbow Dash offstage*

Tricks Up My Sleeve - EG2

A challenge song, where Trixie takes down an imaginary opponent by undermining his/her confidence. It suits her well and sounds great.

I'm the Great and Powerful Trixie!

I didn't know that this was an full song until a couple days ago
Anyway this is an good song but it didn't have what it takes to be on the list

Outro Song - EG4
Invisible - Forgotten Friendship

I'm like Wallflower. ( Except I have a sister and my whole family there ) This is a sad song that she is alone and has no friends. But in the song "Let it Rain" she has friends already! I can relate to Wallflower. But she is like Twilight in Crystal Prep Academy. But instead, Twilight is a dork. A lot of people can be like Wallflower.

This song is so sad... as it shows Wallflower's life as meaningless because no one notices her and she feels like the whole world forgot about her existence (even before she found a memory stone). A lot people can relate to Wallflower.

The Rally Song - EG3

Rainbow Dash knows how to keep others from giving up! Good song!

Rainbow Dash really know how to make people pepped!

Dance Magic - EGS1

Rarity and the rest teaming up with Crystal Prep making a good song! WOW! This is just too good.

Everfree - EG4
Monday Blues - EG Summertime Shorts

Wow! It tells about Sunset and Twilight in a thunderstorm. IT happens too on Monday. LOVE IT

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