Best My Little Pony Equestria Girls Songs

Songs from the first movie, the second, the third and the shorts

The Top Ten

1 Under our spell - EG2

This song is also amazing! Love the dazzlings and this awesome song by them. An we also got to see a bit of the tournament - SuperGeek

2 Acadeca - EG3

This song is awesome! I expected the first events to be good and it delivered with an great song with it - SuperGeek

3 Helping Twilight win the crown - EG1

I like twilight is the best

I don't care is People know Iit as the cafeteria song! I Love the song
The best of the movie - SuperGeek

4 We Will Stand for Everfree - Eg4

Best song in LOE

5 Intro Song - Eg4
6 My past is not today - EG2 Shorts

It just make you love the character even more with this song

This song is just as good as the character singing it

Strong and powerful song - SuperGeek

Such a great song. It is powerful, like you said, SuperGeek. - eventer51314

7 Battle of the bands - EG2

EG2 is takin over the list! Anyway this song is pretty damn cool - SuperGeek

8 Unleash the magic - EG3 V 1 Comment
9 Shake Your Tail - Eg2
10 Friendship through the ages - EG2 Shorts

This song is wonderful and very underrated! - SuperGeek

V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Welcom to the show - EG2

The dazzlings part was greate and the rainbooms part part was also pretty good but loved Sunsets part the most! - SuperGeek

12 Better than ever - EG2

EG2 yet again! This song is very happy - SuperGeek

13 Tricks Up My Sleeve - EG2

I didn't know that this was an full song until a couple days ago
Anyway this is an good song but it didn't have what it takes to be on the list - SuperGeek

14 Awesome as I Wanna Be - Eg2
15 Outro Song - Eg4
16 The rally song - EG3

Rainbow Dash really know how to make people pepped! - SuperGeek

17 CHS Rally Song
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