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1 Lullaby for a Princess Lullaby for a Princess

My most favorite animation of all time. Nothing can compare to the love and hardwork WarpOut has poured into this. Visuals were amazing, action and camera shots were incredible, character development was in place - But the most important thing that made this animation stand out is because of its heartbreaking message. - MillieTrina_Prower

2 The Moon Rises The Moon Rises
3 PFUDoR (Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows) PFUDoR (Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows)


4 Children of the Night Children of the Night

Aw...😯How I can say no to the fillies😘.

5 Smile HD Smile HD
6 Fall of the Crystal Empire Fall of the Crystal Empire
7 Sonic VS Rainbow Dash Sonic VS Rainbow Dash
8 My Little Dashie
9 Pony Girl Pony Girl
10 Snowdrop Snowdrop

The Contenders

12 A Tale of One Shadow
13 The Sisters' Prologue
14 Celestia is best princess
15 Chrysalis (Parts 1-2)
16 In Your Dream
17 Dinky's Destiny
18 Sour & Poor
19 Know Your Mare (Series)
20 Celestia's General Work Day
21 "Spare"
22 Baby Luna and Celestia
23 Celestia's New Student
24 One Day with Princess Celestia
25 Luna's General Work Day
26 One Day with Princess Luna
27 One Day with Twilight Sparkle
28 One Day with Fluttershy
29 Spare
30 Tails VS Twilight
31 Knuckles VS Applejack
32 Amy VS Pinkie
33 Brothers
34 A Little Incident
35 Creative Solution
36 Super Fluff
37 How NOT to become an Alicorn
38 A Colt Classic
40 Do You Want to see the Moon Rise? (Scyrina Version)
41 Do You Want to see the Moon Rise? (SFM Eilemonty Version)
42 Sorrowful, Regretful (MMD)
43 Metal Gear Friendship
44 A Different Perspective
45 Apple Thief
46 Catch a Falling Star
47 Doctor Sombrero
48 This is Fluttershy
49 That Damn Alicorn
50 Nevermind
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