Top 10 Best My Little Pony Fan/Clop Fictions

I couldn't find this list on this website, so I decided to make my own. Remember: This is only my opinion! But feel free to leave your own suggestions and vote for your favorites!

The Top Ten

1 A Late Night (ClopFic)

Find it on YouTube read by Winged T. Spears! He made it one of my personal favorites. - Poopsniper102

2 Forbidden Desires (ClopFic)

Winged T. Spears for the win... Again! - Poopsniper102

3 Rarity's Romance (All Chapters) (ClopFic)

Winged T. Spears read this too! Check it out! - Poopsniper102

4 Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla (FanFic)

So good, I love this much more like this than the actual rainbow factory.

I've seen this before! It's so funny!

Yes better than rainbow factory

This one is the funniest one I've ever heard of! I believe it was written by the DawnSomewhere crew, but I could be wrong. But still, check it out! YouTube animation can be found on the channel "FiMFlamFilosophy." - Poopsniper102

5 The Closet (ClopFic)

Winged T. Spears collaborated with Limey Reads on this one. If you guys can't tell, Winged T. Spears is my favorite reader on YouTube. - Poopsniper102

6 Double Vision (ClopFic)

YouTube "Limey Reads" read this. - Poopsniper102

7 Overcoming Rainbow Dash (ClopFic)

Limey... Guys, don't hate me... I should probably start to keep an open mind... - Poopsniper102

8 A Night Time Bath (ClopFic)

Limey Reads... I don't go far on YouTube. But remember, you can add your own fanfictions though! - Poopsniper102

9 Keep Calm and Pleasure On (ClopFic)

OK... This one wasn't Limey or Spears. It was "Doctor Cobra." - Poopsniper102

10 An Hour Alone with Rarity (ClopFic)

This one reminds me of an ongoing dream I've had for the past 6 months.

I ran out of favorites but this one has 41-ish-thousand views on YouTube... So... You should probably listen to it. - Poopsniper102

The Contenders

11 My Little Dashie (FanFic)

When I was younger I obsessed over this. - RiverClanRocks

Is this a clopfic? 0.0

12 The Tale of Fatty Fat Fat
13 Cupcakes (Creepypasta FanFic)
14 The Friendship Test (Dark FanFic)
15 Spiderman meets My Little Pony
16 Past Sins

Es uno de los mejores fanfics sin duda.

17 The Keepers of Discord (FanFic)

This is by far my favorite fan fiction of all time. It was such a heart-touching story, I got attached to one particular character named Sunny. Prepare some tissues! You'll be all teary eyed once you're done with the fanfic. I recommend DrWolf001's reading of it

18 The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle (Creepypasta FanFic)

I personally like this one better than Cupcakes. - MillieTrina_Prower

19 I Wish I Was (FanFic)
20 Crash (FanFic)
21 A Puppet to her Fame (Creepypasta FanFic)
22 Ms. Celestia (FanFic)
23 Why Pinkie Pie Smiles (FanFic)
24 Simply Rarity (FanFic)
25 Dear Mom (FanFic)
26 The Folly of Celestia (FanFic)
27 Love Gone Insane (FanFic)
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