Top 10 My Little Pony Fanfics

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The Top Ten

1 My Little Dashie

I Cried For An Hour When Done Watching - JPK

2 Cloudsdale Weather Corporation
3 Cupcakes
4 Past Sins
5 Anthropology
6 Thunder Struck
7 First Pony View
8 Vinyl and Octavia: University Days
9 The Keepers of Discord
10 Background Pony

The Contenders

11 Why Didn't Ah Stay at the Farm
12 A Guard and a Princess

A Story About Twilight Sparkle And Flash Sentry That's Really Good - JPK

13 Iron Mare

A Retelling Of The First Iron Man Movie With MLP Characters - JPK

14 Till Death Do Us Part
15 The True Meaning of Generosity

Rarity's Father Is Dying Of Kidney Failure, So Rarity Decides To Donate One Of Her Kidneys - JPK

16 Every Little @✴#ing Thing She Does

An Alternate Version Of The Season 6 Episode "Every Little Thing She Does"
In This Version, When Starlight Gathers The 5 (Before They Were Brainwashed), Remember When Dash Says "I'll Do Some Location Scouting", In This Fanfic She Doesn't Go Back In The Castle (In The Original Episode She Did And Got Brainwashed), And When Dash Returns To The Castle To Find The Other 4 Under The "Fiducia Compelus" Spell (Like The Episode But Without Dash Being Brainwashed), Dash Is Let's Say "Not Very Happy" With Starlight, What Happens Next? Read To Find Out! - JPK

17 Samurai Applejack
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