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1 Twilight's Kingdom

LOVE! I literally cried at the end when they sang "Let the Rainbow Remind You" I especially loved how Discord is now a sweet guy instead of an evil villain and the RAINBOW POWER WAS, OH MY GOSH, THE BEST! I love Twilight's new castle! Best episode ever!

Season four was amazing and this epic Season Finale made me love it even more. Twilight's finally thinking about her future as a royal, Discord's turning back to his old ways and there's a serious threat from the very first generation. It also has one of the best fights in the series. This was what the season was building towards and it was worth it.

This Has Always Been My Favourite Episode From The Very Beginning It's Flawless It Has An Incredible Story, Amazing Songs, Awesome Villain Great Characters And If I Listed All The Reasons I Love This Episode I'll Be Her All Day Lets Just Say If You Haven't Seen Trust Me See It

Who doesn't love this episode? :D I love it too! This proves that Alicorn Twilight is not a pointless Mary Sue, she's still our smart heroine anyway. - AinezoChan

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2 Crusaders of the Lost Mark

This is my favorite episode of all time. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were written so well, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon gets some character development, all the songs were awesome, and the cutie mark crusaders finally get there cutie marks, oh my god! There are some flaws. First is the pacing. This episode is rushed just like Magical Mystery Cure. And then there's Spoiled Rich. I can't stand this miserable excuse of a character. However, despite its problems with pacing and Spoiled Rich, this is still my favorite episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

Honestly, this episode was okay, most certainly not the best. Diamond Tiara's character development was nice to watch, but admittedly cliche (Pacifica, anyone? ). Also, I didn't really like the fact that the crusaders never really discovered their true talents (like Sweetie Belle's singing, etc). I thought the whole point of a cutie mark was to emphasize a pony's originality based on their talent? Apparently not, because the crusaders' marks look exactly the same. I was pretty disappointed about that- it basically defeated the purpose of having a cutie mark in the first place. Honestly, this episode was sweet but at the same time felt like fan service gone wrong.

This episode is pretty much on the same level of the amazing world of gumball's the shell (which is my all time favorite cartoon episode ever), this is pretty much what beyond perfection means. We have a great story, great performances, humor; but who am I kidding we all know why this is one of the best for two reasons. First of all Diamond tiara is now a good guy yes after years of being the worst, she is finally being nice and I'm actually waiting to see more of her as the show goes on (if the writers decide not to have her as just a background character). And most importantly the cmc finally getting there cutie marks, after all these years of waiting we finally get the pay off we've been waiting for. This episode is like Dale Earnhart winning the Daytona 500, and Gumball and penny finally becoming a couple after the shell. This episode is just perfect

My 2nd most favorite episode of all time. Diamond Tiara had character development. - AinezoChan

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3 Pinkie Pride

I almost cried when nobody cheered for the super duper pony named Pinkie. Also Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich forever!

Cheese and Pinkie= Awesomeness

Cheese Sandwich is my favorite pony in the show, though he's not my favorite character, that would be Discord, but still he's awesome because he is portrayed by Werid Al and can sing so expertly. He and Pinkie Pie would also make a great, and suitably goofy couple. - TylertheTitan

It was so sad...but I loved it
i was nearly crying when Pinkie forfeited just because Rainbow wasn't having fun
it was so sad...but it's the absolute best episode ever

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4 The Perfect Pear

Best episode of Season 7, best episode of the entire show, best song. But also the saddest episode so far. Especially Grandpear, who tearfully regrets that the never got the chance to tell his daughter he was sorry before she probably passed away. Can't get any sadder than that. Perfect Pear = Perfect Episode.

Awesome episode! So cute and sad at the same time. A little disappointed that they didn't address what happened to the parents, but maybe that's for the best. It would've ruined this episode for sure. Definitely one of the best in the entire show! Top 3, if you ask me.

I watched this episode now, it was really great. I really loved the episode. It was amazing. It is really one of my favorite episodes. You should put it higher. It should be number 1. The best of all seasons.


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5 The Return of Harmony

I can honestly say that part 2 was my favorite because the ponies turned into complete jerks which was just hysterical and I love what the writers did with it, making it more of a gag than a pity party. Rarity was my favorite as the selfish one and Pinkie and AJ really got my eyes tearing up with laughter. Who doesn't like adorable ponies fighting each other?

These are the only (return of harmony has 2 parts) where I think that discord is cool and evil at the same time

This ONE makes me smile and I love discord

I died in this episode...
It was so amazing.
When I saw discord,I knew that something changed in me...
Since that episode I am a real brony and a BIG discord fan girl (my English is so bad,sry)

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6 Magical Mystery Cure

The most emotional episode I ever saw, the only downside is that this episode will outshine any future ending they try to give the show.

Underrated by people who don't like fast paced dense stories.

Amazing episode. It should be extended into a movie. - DubstepLover

It is the best episode of my little pony

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7 Amending Fences

Amending Fences is a beautiful and realistic episode that finds itself sitting perfectly in a show about friendship. The moral is amazing, Twilight is very relatable, our new characters are very likable, the storytelling is spot-on, and it leaves the viewer feeling very satisfied at the end of it all. None of these written comments can do this episode any justice, and I strongly advise that Amending Fences is one of the first episodes you check out if you want to get into the fandom. Otherwise, it's the episode that demands rewatching due to all of the things that make it so amazing. I don't want to spoil too much here, so I'll leave the brevity of this comment as is.

This episode is my favorite episode on the show so far. Amending Faces is one of those truly meaningful episodes that stand out among others. It was realistic and had amazing character development.

This episode is absolutely beautiful. For a person who has had depression, you'd know how hard this hits in the feels. Moondancer reminds me a lot of myself, and this episode helped me learn not to shut the world down. This little episode changed my life, I highly recommend people watch this.

Pretty amazing indeed - Neonco31

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8 Hurricane Fluttershy

Hurricane Fluttershy is my very favorite episode. Fluttershy is my favorite character, and this episode seals the deal. Why? Well, I'll admit the humor wasn't top notch, Three's a Crowd and Make New Friends But Keep Discord did much better in humor, but this episode gave me so much Fluttershy development that I fell in love with our yellow pegasus. She is presented as both relatable and fragile, but she can be rebuilt. And look how far Rainbow's come! Allow me to explain. In the episode Dragonshy, Rainbow rushes Fluttershy. She's rude to her. She doesn't even like her. Then let's look at Hurricane Fluttershy. Rainbow still has traces of her old self, but she has learned(maybe from Pinkie Pie? ) how impressionable Fluttershy can be. And she is so understanding even when she DOESN'T understand. Dash is so sympathetic. She's so nice to Fluttershy, even when she wants to yell. She corrects herself when she's about to be cruel, and she doesn't ditch Flutters because she got.5 wing power- ...more

I can relate to this episode on so many levels. In fact, it helped me get over the same thing Fluttershy was going through. Maybe that's the only reason I like it so much. Plus it kinda reminded me of Rocky with the sports montage, so that's a definite plus for me. This episode also features my two favorites in the most prominent light, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. It also has the presented characters at their best. I really like the one scene when they're in Fluttershy's cottage and Rainbow Dash almost acts like a jerk, but then stops and becomes a good friend and asks nicely instead of demanding. It might just be this was one of the first episodes I ever saw, but I still love it nonetheless.

This Is My Favourite Episode Of Both Season 2 And The Whole Series It Has A Fantastic Story Simple Yet Epic, We Finally Get Some Info About Flutter shy's Past Sheer We Got Some In The Cutie Mark Chronicles But Here We Get To See What Started This Internal Conflict To Begging With, The Characters Are The Best They Ever Been Unlike Putting Your Hoof Down Flutter shy Is Partied As Simathetic Same With Rainbow Dash Unlike Her Advenule Petrel In 28 Pranks Later She Kind, Loyal And True. I Think You Got The Idea It's My Favourite Episode And Should Of Defiantly Gotten The Number 1 Spot.

She proves to everypony she is actually very barve.

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9 Stranger Than Fan Fiction

This is a good episode, but I don't think it should be up this high. I think the episode's main flaw is that Quibble should have mentioned that he liked the puzzle solving aspects of the earlier Daring Do books towards the beginning of the episode rather than towards the end. I still like the episode, though, and I particularly liked the reference to the hatred towards the Star Wars Prequels.

This was a very fun episode to watch. Quibble representing the complaining analysts who need everything to be perfect and Rainbow representing those who just want to enjoy the material, which is a very real debate put in an entertaining fashion. - Warriorcatsfandom

It was a funny episode, I did like Quibble Pants he was really funny, and thought the whole thing was fake

Yeah, Rainbow Dash meets Daring Do once more and even went on a cool adventure - Neonco31

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10 A Canterlot Wedding

It's almost an insult that the most creative and possibly most mature episode is currently ranked below that air-headed, self-exalting, 1-dimensional pile of Yugioh-level melodrama that is Magical Mystery Cure.

What?! How can Return of Harmony be ahead?! This was way better! A story of love, loss, and betrayal. And it has all the princesses! - HuntressTheLuxray

With well done foreshadowing, and the disbelief among one pony, while very other pony didn't believe that disbelief, this episode clearly had done it.


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The Newcomers

? Fame and Misfortune

Yes, it seems to be directed at us fans, but I'm not sure what it wants to tell us. I'm unsure whether to like or dislike this episode. I like the two new fillies and their story arc. I like that Larson is back, and I'm already looking forward to other episodes he may have in store for us. What I didn't like was the ending, which seemed too abrupt. Nothing is solved. The crowd is still in front of the castle. I would also like to have seen what Starlight did to those two ponies badmouthing Rarity. They deserved everything coming to them.

Fantastic episode directed at the fans, Larson is back and better than ever! - LydiaS001

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11 A Royal Problem

We finally get our royal sisters episode, Starlight was great, we get an epic battle between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker, and we get pretty much the best characterization from Princess Celestia in the entire show. Oh, and Twilight as a ballerina music box was just adorable! Too much awesomeness to handle in this episode! - TexasBro93

This episode wasn't quite as great as I think it should have been, and the main problem was Starlight. She isn't a good enough character to carry an episode, and I feel like Twilight was shoehorned into this episode because of this fact. And beyond that, seeing Twilight get reduced to a helicopter parent makes me cringe, especially since she's my second favorite member of the Mane Six.

This episode should have been about Twilight and Spike going to help the Royal Sisters. I really liked that the writers explored the idea that Celestia is just as corruptible as Luna, but this would have worked better with Twilight, not Starlight, because Twilight was once Celestia's top student.

12 The Mane Attraction

I LOVED this episode. Easily the best Applejack episode up to date. Funny, touching, great music, it's all there.

Amazing and very interesting and also the BEST EPISODE yet!

I love this musical episode

The song,the lesson and Applejack ACTUALLY caring deep about someones feelings ( yes I saw her cry) anyway on my list,its my second fave

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13 Wonderbolts Academy

SPOILER WARNING: I loved this episode and the introduction of Lightning Dust! I liked the idea of Rainbow Dash having to stand up to someone like her, but to be honest, I liked them together... until Lightning Dust started being a brat. I hope in the future, Lightning Dust comes back and reveals her backstory and that she doesn't continue to be one of those characters that are just mean because reasons. But I loved this episode SO DARN MUCH!

This is my favorite episode of season 3 and it's in my top 5 favorite episodes of the entire series, rainbow dash is my second favorite character and this episode is one of the reasons why, this episode is great character building is very entertaining and practically perfect, my score 11/10

Great episode. Proved why Dash is best pony. - clivenator

Best season 3 episode- great job amy keating rogers

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14 Sonic Rainboom

Good. But I love when Rarity loses her wings.

Love Sonic Rainboom - SolarFlareBronyMare

Rainbow dash is so powerful and brave moreover you know,she kinda likes adventures or like more dangerous this I love the part in the last when rainbow dash makes the sonic rain boom,when I saw the episode

15 Lesson Zero

Yeah I loved that twilight was all crazy because I don't really like her that much and their ninja outfits at the end are hilarious

How is this one at the bottom?!
Twilight was hilariously hysterical
Fluttershy snapped a bear's neck
And Big Mac took on the whole village for a doll
This was obviously the best one.

I dislike the episode, but I respect the fans. - AinezoChan

Fabulously funny.
Bic Mac taking on everyone for that doll - ingenious!
Also Twilight out so much was hillarious; she goes totally crazy --> watch the episode!
In this case not for twisty plots and wisdom lessons but priceless laughs and weirdness. Very entertaining!
(Also watch out for Fluttershy ; That scene will always stay in my heart ;'D)

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16 MMMystery on the Friendship Express

I love episodes like these! There full of mystery and the clues! So creative! Also I enjoyed the little clips when Pinkie was blaming the bakers.

I loved this episode also because of, we interrupt your really funny episode that resolves well at the end, for James Bond..

How can you not love an episode that references James Bond and Star Wars?

Favorite episode in mlp. right guys. I am a very big fan of this episode.

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17 Gauntlet Of Fire

The fact that it's a Spike episode that isn't terrible makes it stand out.

BEST EPISODE EVER! Princess Ember is one of my new favourite characters!

This was such a great episode. A badass side character like Princess Ember was long awaited.

I make a dragon out of you

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18 Sleepless in Ponyvile

Not just the best episode of Season 3, but one of the best episodes EVER!

This episode is just great.

This episode had a great balance of heart and comedy. Say what you like about Season 3, but this episode was awesome.

Nightmares...yes the Nightmares every time I see it...

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19 To Where and Back Again

Honestly I can understand that they want to give Starlight the spotlight but I didn't like the episode. The capture of the mane six off screen as well as the alicorn sister and Shinning Armour and Candace seems like a weak written attempt to give Starlight the spotlight. I also view Chrysalis throne as a week plot devices to prevent Discord from snapping his fingers to save the day. I feel Starlight conflict would have been better is she stayed in the old village were the ponies she tricked show distrust in her or even some that actually like her idea of everyponies cutie mark being the same causing Starlight to wonder if her old ideals of friendship where as bad as the others thought or not. Also when you think about it Chrysalis plan would have failed in the long run since A changalings are terrible actors and B they can't control the moon and the sun. I feel the writing was weak and I feel that all the changalings reforming was rushed, especially we saw some enjoy being like ...more

This episode was good because chrysalis was not reformed and the changelings are back!

Best finale since Twilight's Kingdom.

yas thorax

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20 Magic Duel

Amazing! The best! Bravo! This one needs to be in the top ten. Another Magical episode is just what I needed. Trixie does amazing spells and the bubble and... just love this episode!

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