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41 Sisterhooves Social

I found this to be a great bonding experience between Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and the moral is executed very well. It might not be the funniest episode, but it's still incredibly good, at least in my opinion.

Most siblings are portrayed as being the worst of enemies and that's not true other times their portrayed as having a picture perfect relationship that's also not true. This episode proves that siblings love each other through thick and thin even if they don't always show it. Oh god I'm getting a little testy eyed just writing this. Vote dis if u cry evrytime

42 Party of One

Why does everyone like Party of One so much? Insane Pinkie Pie freaks me out, and I really hate all the stuff that has come out from Party of One. Do I even need to say it? I won't say it.

This was the only episode next to pinkie pride and a friend indeed that made me sympathize with Pinkie, a very hard thing to do.

Pinkie looks better with straight hair

And thus the birth of Pinkamena began...

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43 Slice of Life

Funniest episode ever! I wouldn't call it the best, but I loved how so much about the background characters is revealed, and Derpy is included. I love the episodes with a slightly adult-tone. For example, in the last episodes of season 6 or something, with the war against King Sombera, with the armored ponies clashing, seemed a little above the age the show's aimed at. But, you're hearin' this from a 11 year-old that watches My Little Pony, so don't talk to me about what shows are aimed at. Weird. I watch MLP (My Little Pony) and read Warriors (If you don't know what that is, it's about cats living in the forest. But you can't handle Harry Potter, I don't recomend it. There are some heavy or gory parts. Many cats die, and the most violent thing includes a cat's throat ripped open. It's still cool, though, even if I'm not a fan of violence). Anyway, Gummy's speech was a little dark, but funny. Anyway, MLP rocks! Even if the Netflix description makes the show look sissy (go on Netflix ...more

100th episode, funniest thing you'll ever watch I watched it a ton and all the reacts could not get over gummy talking and I love the derpy and doctor ship and how Bon Bon is really a secret agent and the suddle references to doctor who and how the show literally jumped the shark and the picture that quickly flashed in ictavia and vinyl's song of humans with horse heads and the reference of the twilight cane and this sentence is really long I'll be quiet now.

I hated this episode the only things good about it was gummy and that they spaced it out from the mane six finally.

This episode is amazing! It acknowledges everything the fandom has droned about - from giving background characters speaking voices to Lyra sitting like a human! It even uses fan-given names for background characters!

That, and - being as interested in mathematics and science as I am - I loved how they used the real physics formulae in the bowling ball scene, with everything from Newton's Second Law to the formula for calculating work done.

Overall, this episode is much more enjoyable for audiences above the age of 10 (more so than the usual episodes, at least), and incorporates more mature but still lighthearted themes.

Oh, and Gummy's scene with his existential crisis is much deeper than anything you'll find in the standard episodes and I absolutely loved it (though, that may be because I have an existential crisis myself). The way he speaks in his head and his voice actor is amazing. Seriously, I'll never look at that alligator the same way again.

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44 Bats!

Why isn't this higher?

Two words: Vampire Fluttershy!

Amazing - JohnleyJohnson

45 A Dog and Pony Show

This episode was BORING!

46 Bridle Gossip

Is this what started the whole "non-pony creature is instantly seen as monster" vibe on FIMFiction?

This episode was one of the funniest of Season 1, along with Feeling Pinkie Keen, and Applebuck Season. But just like those other two, it had the problem of wanting to teach a moral. Why do kidshows do that? To please the soccermoms? Anyway, the moral is a good one to teach, but it was handled rather wonky. You could say that for almost all Season 1 episodes and even for some of the present ones.

47 Pinkie Apple Pie

No comments on this one so far? Okay, then here's mine: This episode was great! Almost all the jokes were funny, the timing was perfect. Crazy catlady with the voice of Peter New imitating Granny Smith was truly hilarious! The last time I laughed so hard at a family trip, it was WAY back in National Lampoon's Vacation (the original one). In fact, this episode should feature Holiday Road as its main theme!

48 Princess Twilight Sparkle

I love how she turns Into a alicorn

66?! This was the start of MLP's best season yet,and it's at 66?! What's above it?! Applebuck Season?! PUTTING YOUR HOOF DOWN?! We got to see Princess Celestia defeat Nightmare Moon AND then defeating Discord! The Tree of Harmony is the best idea this show has ever come up with,and Celestia was the best character by far.You saw her pain when she knew she had to banish her sister, and felt her happiness when the TRUE Summer Sun Celebration came back.The first part was okay,but the second part was just BRILLIANT! Everything was perfect,and I would love a Season 7 episode just like this.

49 Daring Done?

Another great episode of an Indiana Jones-inspired character after the likes of Read It and Weep and Stranger Than Fan Fiction - not to mention another new idea (which just adds more and more greatness to an already great show). - TylertheTitan

Daring Done? You wish. This episode was mediocre at best. Rainbow Dash was depicted rather strange - she couldn't even fight off Dr. Kaballa (or whatever his name is) and his goons? And Pinkie as the voice of reason - that I like! But this whole episode was predictable. I knew it was Dr. Evil (or whatever his name is) right when I saw him, so the rest of the plot was rather tedious. I liked the Sphinx design and all the egyptian stuff, though. Even though it was the typical Sphinx depiction as a monster who gives you a riddle to solve.

50 Luna Eclipsed V 2 Comments
51 Suited For Success

Tried to make it little by little, tried to make it bit by bit on my own. Quit the job, the grey believers. Another town where I get close to the bone. Whatcha gonna tell your sister? Oh oh oh! Whatcha gonna tell your father? I don't know! Whatcha gonna tell your mother? Let me go... I'm gonna get dressed for success. Shaping me up for the big time, baby. (Kinda fits, doesn't it? )

I respect this episode greatly and its one of Season 1's best, but I still like many other episodes better.

The only perfect episode is 12th... THIS IS FAUST'S FAVORITE EPISODE

It was an okay episode

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52 Feeling Pinkie Keen

I only realized there were religious undertones in this episode when I read about it on the web. When I watched it with my kids and some friends, we laughed about the slapstick humor and the Hydra chase. We never thought about religion at any point during this episode. My kids honestly thought of Pinkie as some kind of weather app, and I'm glad the "moral" was executed that poorly. Twitching tails and falling flowerpots do not equal god's existence!

Dave Polsky is best when dealing with comedy and slapstick. Both were amazing in this episode, I laughed so hard. But unfortunately, this episode had to have a moral - and here's where the problems begin. The moral was bad and handled even worse. But I don't blame Polsky for that. I wouldn't have known how to handle Religion in a good way either. It's such a sensitive topic that you're bound to step on other people's toes when talking about it - no matter how polite you do it.

53 Keep Calm & Flutter On

It makes sense when you realize why Discord became an ally.

Best normal length episode in season 3. - TylertheTitan

I kinda find this episode weak in my opinion. - AinezoChan

I'm so glad Discord is reformed, we would not have a lot of episodes or 0 episodes about him if he was not reformed. he's FUNNIER THAN PIKIE PIE!

54 Over a Barrel
55 Green Isn't Your Color

How dare you offend the best episode

56 A Hearth's Warming Tail

Best Hearth's Warming episode truly feels like a Christmas Special all the songs were outstanding

I liked it a bunch and that it was exactly like that other story I know... But Luna sorta made it dark..

It's my favourite

57 The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
58 The Crystalling

Honestly, it's everyone's least favorite season premiere.

Loving s6 so far

Why is this here?

I liked how they had a baby and all that...lets just say,That this episode was sorta aimed at older ages (A.K.A maybe 8 or 11) if you don't know why I WILL NOT say... Anyway it turns all cute and rainbow-like again at the end sooo... I think this episode would be a 3 star

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59 Celestial Advice

The main problem I have with this episode is that it was pointless. The plot revolved around Twilight being forced to send Starlight away, and therefore she seeks advice from Celestia. But after all the possible places Twilight wants to send her student, what's the solution? Starlight doesn't feel ready and thus goes nowhere. Don't get me wrong: The episode was very funny and gave us a little more insight into Celestia, but it still bugs me that we had almost 25 minutes leading to nothing.

Worst season premiere yet, even worse than The Crystalling. Seems like they only try on the finales now. - NotYoursTruly

Just as good as every other premiere before it, minus The Crystalling (cause that one's just boring). - TylertheTitan

I don't watch MLP, but I decided to watch this ep with my little sister today and it was pretty good. So far, the general reception of this episode has been positive. - Cartoonfan202

60 Sweet and Elite

The element of generosity everyone

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