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41 Bats! V 3 Comments
42 Luna Eclipsed V 2 Comments
43 A Dog and Pony Show

This episode was BORING!

44 Bridle Gossip

Is this what started the whole "non-pony creature is instantly seen as monster" vibe on FIMFiction?

45 Pinkie Apple Pie
46 Suited For Success

I respect this episode greatly and its one of Season 1's best, but I still like many other episodes better.

The only perfect episode is 12th... THIS IS FAUST'S FAVORITE EPISODE

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47 Keep Calm & Flutter On

It makes sense when you realize why Discord became an ally.

Best normal length episode in season 3. - TylertheTitan

I kinda find this episode weak in my opinion. - AinezoChan

I'm so glad Discord is reformed, we would not have a lot of episodes or 0 episodes about him if he was not reformed. he's FUNNIER THAN PIKIE PIE!

48 Feeling Pinkie Keen

I only realized there were religious undertones in this episode when I read about it on the web. When I watched it with my kids and some friends, we laughed about the slapstick humor and the Hydra chase. We never thought about religion at any point during this episode. My kids honestly thought of Pinkie as some kind of weather app, and I'm glad the "moral" was executed that poorly. Twitching tails and falling flowerpots do not equal god's existence!

49 A Hearth's Warming Tail

Best Hearth's Warming episode truly feels like a Christmas Special all the songs were outstanding

I liked it a bunch and that it was exactly like that other story I know... But Luna sorta made it dark..

It's my favourite

50 The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
51 Green Isn't Your Color

How dare you offend the best episode

52 Over a Barrel
53 The Crystalling

Honestly, it's everyone's least favorite season premiere.

Loving s6 so far

Why is this here?

I liked how they had a baby and all that...lets just say,That this episode was sorta aimed at older ages (A.K.A maybe 8 or 11) if you don't know why I WILL NOT say... Anyway it turns all cute and rainbow-like again at the end sooo... I think this episode would be a 3 star

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54 Celestial Advice

The main problem I have with this episode is that it was pointless. The plot revolved around Twilight being forced to send Starlight away, and therefore she seeks advice from Celestia. But after all the possible places Twilight wants to send her student, what's the solution? Starlight doesn't feel ready and thus goes nowhere. Don't get me wrong: The episode was very funny and gave us a little more insight into Celestia, but it still bugs me that we had almost 25 minutes leading to nothing.

Just as good as every other premiere before it, minus The Crystalling (cause that one's just boring). - TylertheTitan

I don't watch MLP, but I decided to watch this ep with my little sister today and it was pretty good. So far, the general reception of this episode has been positive. - Cartoonfan202

55 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

My favorite episode because it shows that discord cares for flutter shy and I love it when when discord says this is the most basic of jokes then maud says you're the most basic of jokes burn at least the smooze doesn't look like a thing that will haut my dreams

Funny episode really I 2nd best episode

I love this episode so much it is definitely my favorite

I could not be more happy to see that the Smooze doesn't look like the horrible measle medicine it looked like in the OLD mlp..But I loved the part where Maud did that great comeback on Discord

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56 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
57 A Flurry of Emotions

This is what you call a fixed up, admirable, and watchable rehash of Baby Cakes! - TylertheTitan


58 Sweet and Elite

The element of generosity everyone

59 Read It and Weep

How is this not in the top 5? This episode is amazing

This episode on top Hurricane Fluttershy on bottom.

One Of My Favourite Episodes

60 Rarity Takes Manehattan

Why?! LOVE. Gods character development for Rarity.

I ow this episode for another best ever

Don't you mean one of worst episodes of the show?

My gave

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