Top Ten Best My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Episodes


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101 SnowDrop V 1 Comment
102 Dusk's Dawn V 1 Comment
103 Fall of The Crystal Empire

If you go on YouTube their this one were shining armour and applebloom are in a rap battle

104 Project Thundercloud V 1 Comment
105 Cutie Markless
106 Appleoosa's Most Wanted
107 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils V 1 Comment
108 Party Pooped
109 Equestria Games
110 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
111 What About Discord

When I discovered the series for the first time and was watching through the seasons, there were few episodes that I thought were truly bad, and felt that while some had their faults, all were digestible or not that bad. That feeling ended with this episode. Even with all the great Discord humour (loved the Bob Ross part), I still cannot say that I understood nor liked this episode. I'm real pissed off at Neil for this AND Princess Spike (though flawed, the Spike episode was at least still entertaining to me). - ring0ff1re

Honestly the Mane Six bonding with him (whether or not he would be up to something) is why it's so awesome. Call me crazy all you want, but I think this deserves A MUCH better rep!

Why is this episode on here? This episode sucked.

I bet Twi is just mad because Fluttercord is better than Pandora tribute

V 1 Comment
112 Griffon the Brush-Off

Although Gilda was a jerk in this episode, it's still one of my favorite episodes. Should be in the top 5.

V 1 Comment
113 The Hooffields and McColts

Ya know this tells a REALLY DARK story right?

I haven't watched it yet so I can't wait.

V 1 Comment
114 Viva Las Pegasus V 1 Comment
115 All Bottled Up
116 A Friend in Deed

My favorite moment from this episode is smile smile smile by pinkie pie and ponyville ponies.

V 1 Comment
117 Leap of Faith V 1 Comment
118 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

So this makes me love this episode!

Again I hate Rainbow

I hate Rainbow

This episode sucks

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119 Filli Vanilli

My favorite episode of the series. It's a great portrayal of what it's really like to suffer from shyness - not the typical "one and done" solution that so many characters show. "Baby steps" was the perfect line for that.

This episode would have been amazing had Pinkie Pie not behaved the way she did and if Rainbow Falls never existed.

Worst episode in season 4 in my opinion.

This my favorite episode

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120 Rainbow Falls

I hate this episode the wonder bolt where really annoying

I'm glad to see this episode at the bottom. It was ABYSMAL.

This episode is so underrated. How could people hate a key episode?

I'm neutral to this episode. - AinezoChan

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