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101 Hard to Say Anything

Hard to say anything good about this episode. Big Mac in yet another love story. His antagonist is Justin Bieber from 2012. And the story... well, it's your average highschool teen drama. Would've been better over in EqG. Wanna see this kind of story done right? Then go watch "Perfect Pear"!

Fetus Justin Bieber makes a return. - NotYoursTruly

102 A Friend in Deed

My favorite moment from this episode is smile smile smile by pinkie pie and ponyville ponies.

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103 Rainbow Falls

This episode is so underrated. How could people hate a key episode?

I hate this episode the wonder bolt where really annoying

I'm glad to see this episode at the bottom. It was ABYSMAL.

I'm neutral to this episode. - AinezoChan

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104 Filli Vanilli

My favorite episode of the series. It's a great portrayal of what it's really like to suffer from shyness - not the typical "one and done" solution that so many characters show. "Baby steps" was the perfect line for that.

This episode would have been amazing had Pinkie Pie not behaved the way she did and if Rainbow Falls never existed.

Worst episode in season 4 in my opinion.

This my favorite episode

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105 Leap of Faith V 1 Comment
106 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

So this makes me love this episode!

Again I hate Rainbow

I hate Rainbow

This episode sucks

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107 Boast Busters

The first Trixie episode.

I defenthy agree.

When there's something strange in Ponyville - who're you gonna call? Definitely not the Mane 6, that's for sure! Trixie is a showpony, she's supposed to put up a show on stage. What's our "heroine's" excuse for crashing her act and trying to 1-up her? Would you do that to a real-life stage magician? So, when there's something weird, and it don't look good - who're you gonna call? I'd say the security! Those weird mares are interrupting my stage show!

108 Three's A Crowd

Discord's song Glass of Water is so amazing and some people hate this song. Why do they hate this song? It's the first song sung by Discord.

Discord's Episodes are my favorites. - TylertheTitan

Can we just take a moment for the HP reference - NotYoursTruly

YES DISCORD IS so GOOD AT THIS SONG! proven that boys can sing really good...I really can't think of a lot of boys on MLP that sang a song. But Discord nailed it

109 Dragonshy

I love when fluttershy confirmed the dragon to sleep some Where else

110 Swarm Of The Century

Doesn't this sound like trouble with tribbles to u guys? U know, from Star Trek?

111 Games Ponies Play

This episode has to be one of the most underrated episode in the show, the music in the background was so soothing, it had the BEST visuals and imagery, cause it takes place in the crystal empire, I LOVE the crystal empire, it's so beautiful, and it's so funny, and it's the only single-parter in the show that takes place in the crystal empire, well next to equestria games, but that episode sucked as hell

112 Double Rainboom

That is not a program

113 SnowDrop

Stop adding in fan-made stuff - NotYoursTruly

I haven't even watched it yet.

114 Dusk's Dawn V 1 Comment
115 Fall of The Crystal Empire

If you go on YouTube their this one were shining armour and applebloom are in a rap battle

116 Project Thundercloud V 1 Comment
117 Cutie Markless
118 Appleoosa's Most Wanted
119 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils V 1 Comment
120 Party Pooped
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