Top Ten Best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 Episodes

This is my personal opinion on the best episodes of MLP:FIM: Season 1 episodes.

The Top Ten

1 The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Probably the best episode of S1 in my opinion because we get to learn how the Mane 6 all got our cutie marks. It also creates a bond of the Mane 6 and makes the world in harmony. - TheJawBR34KER

It's A Really Heart-warming Episode With Some Great Animation and A Great Ending If I Had To Pick The Best Episode To So To A Newcomer This Would Be It.

When I first saw this episode I was so moved I cried

Nice Episode

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2 Fall Weather Friends

This episode was enjoying to see a competition if Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Intense race and a very memorable episode in the series. - TheJawBR34KER

Best competition ever

The Egghead Part
Me: "Laughing Up A Storm" - JPK

3 Friendship is Magic

WHY ISN'T number 1? No. In my personal opinion, this was great and all, but this shows how this is an actual learning kids show. It is still good by the case because it is not realstic and none of protagonists ask a question... TO YOU. Ugh, cheesy. - TheJawBR34KER

And on that day, a fandom was born...

4 Party of One

Another knee-slapping episode! It was hilarious!

Yeah... Pinkamena is a cheer for little kids. For example, becoming a doohickey and sitting on Rainbow's... FACE. We learn that Pinkie Pie gets psycho for not going to an AFTER-birthday party and forgetting her own. BEST LESSON ever 10/10 EQUESTRIA DAILY - TheJawBR34KER

This Episode Is Awesome At First It Seems Like A Regular Day In Ponyville Pinkie Pie's Being Her Old Self Singing A Happy Song Witch Really Confuses Her Friends Now Brings Me To My Favourite Part Of The Episode The Comedy Next To Lesson Zero This Is The Funniest Episode In The Show From The Ponies Reactions To Her Silly Song And This Is Only The Start Of The Episode There's Also Great Face cal Expressions Great Timing On Every Single Joke It's A Laugh Rolorcostar Shortly After The Song And A Bunch Of Funny Jokes Pinkie Pie Gets Spices About Her Friends Intentnesses Admiralty This Is A Realistic Moment For Pinkie As The Party Planer We Know Her As It's Totally Understandable Witch Made This My Favourite Bar trail Until Pinkie Pride. Pinkie Decides To Spy On Her Friends And Through Some Hilarious Sinanigans She Comes To The Compulsion That Something Is Up With Her Friends So She Asked Spike To Speak The Truth In One Of The Funniest Senses In MLP History ''Tell Me My Friends Don't Like ...more

5 The Best Night Ever

I Love this episode! There was even an animation error that one of the ponies Rarity asked to go to the gala had one eye!

The episode with a Cinderalla reference! ILLUMINATI SPOTTED! This is thy episode with the moment what everypony has waited for since the series preimere! The Best Night Ever! The finale of S1 shows a true experience of the Grand Galloping Gala, and we learn that it is crazy and lame. Hope you like donuts! - TheJawBR34KER

6 The Ticket Master

The first episode that is not a 2-part episode and we get to learn more about the Mane 6's personality. When they protest wanting to go to the Grand Galloping Gala, they each have a different reason. - TheJawBR34KER

Rainbow is jerk in this one

7 Sonic Rainboom

This episode is great because of Fluttershy and yay.

I just dislike nothing about this episode,its just fantastic. 9.5 cutie marks out of 10.

8 Look Before You Sleep

SLEEPOVER PARTAY ON A CRAZY STORM! Pillow fights, that spa thing, nice falling down trees, and crazy hurricanes! We learn that sleepovers are insane. Spike, write a letter. - TheJawBR34KER


9 Boast Busters

A new local antagonist liking to show off has arrived... TRIXIE! She is a unicorn who brags she can defeat Ursa Majors, but she can't defeat an Ursa MINOR! We learn that ponies are stupid and gullible. - TheJawBR34KER

I love Trixie - bobbythebrony

10 Applebuck Season

Best apple episode ever

The episode where the wub face orignated and how Applejack gets low. because u kno, FOR KIDS! by the way, we learn Applejack becomes deaf. - TheJawBR34KER

The Contenders

11 Suited for Success
12 Griffon the Bush-Off

The ship with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie goes too... wonk wonk wonk. Who is this new local antagonist? IT'S- GLIDA! She is a griffon who doesn't know stuff and how she blames ponies who she hates. - TheJawBR34KER

Great Episode - JPK

13 A Dog and Pony Show
14 Dragonshy

How is this not on the list? This episode is AMAZING!

This is a good episode especially if you want to introduce people to My Little Pony and definitely should be higher than Over a Barrrel

15 Owl's Well That Ends Well
16 Stare Master
17 Over a Barrel
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