Top Ten Best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 Episodes

The shortest season in MLP and the hardest countdown in this top ten series.

The Top Ten

1 Magical Mystery Cure

I was speechless when this came out. Every musical number was flawless, and there are 8! Just a beautiful moment that filled me with ebullience.

This is a wonderful musical episode. I enjoyed all the songs. - kmyeakel

I loved this episode because Twilight finally got wings. - Pegasister12

THE FIRST MUSICAL EPISODE IN MY LITTLE PONY! An amazing episode where Twi becomes a princess and a lesson we learn that Discord (aka Starswirl) doesn't know friendship. SKRUB - TheJawBR34KER

2 The Crystal Empire

The premiere was awesome too. I enjoyed the songs - kmyeakel

Welcome to the Crystal Empire which should've been the Crystal Kingdom! We learn that Equestria's new antagonist is super lame and has no backstory, somewhat. - TheJawBR34KER

3 Magic Duel

Its Magic Duel. Just to let you know. I was surprised about that Twilight had volunteered her friends to be in part of the demo of Magic. Basically, I saw that Big Mac, Sweetie Bell, Granny Smith, and Applebloom were in part of the experiment as well. When Twilight uses the magic, then it would be the fillies or the other ponies. I enjoyed this episode, but Trixie couldn't get Twilight anyway. - kmyeakel

Trixie is BACK! Trixie learns that she doesn't know friendship which sucks. - TheJawBR34KER

Yes! - bobbythebrony

Amazing,i just love everything about it. 9.5 cutie marks out of 10.

4 Sleepless in Ponyville
5 Too Many Pinkie Pies

Party for Many: S6E3! Nu. We learn that Pinkie can't choose what to do because she thinks everything is nervociting. - TheJawBR34KER

6 Keep Calm and Flutter On

I love discord but this isn't his best episode

Nice meme. We learn that Discord is a nice trickster that he said he is gonna be good. But then he actually becomes good in Twilight's Kingdom... Bruh. - TheJawBR34KER

7 Just for Sidekicks

PETS OVERLORDS. We learn that Spike is an anger to the Mane 6's pets and sends them to the Crystal Kingdom for no reason. Pity. - TheJawBR34KER

8 Wonderbolts Academy

This is my favorite season 3 episodes it is awesomely 11/10

I ran out of episodes. This episode somewhat sucks but we still learn that Rainbow Dash is still bad being an upstander. She sounds very rude which doesn't help. - TheJawBR34KER

9 Family Apple Reunion

Applejack sucks at reunions. - TheJawBR34KER

10 Babs Seed

THE BADDEST SEED OF EQUESTRIA. We learn that the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to mess up Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs, so they would be even. Hehe - TheJawBR34KER

The Contenders

11 Games Ponies Play
12 Spike at Your Service


Um... U REPLI - TheJawBR34KER

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