Top 10 Best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7 Episodes

The best of the best of all 25 of Season 7's episodes.

The Top Ten

1 The Perfect Pear

Saddest episode of the series. - TylertheTitan

This episode is heartwarming - Neonco31

2 Shadow Play

One MLP's better finales up there with likes of both two-parters of Season 2. - TylertheTitan

3 Discordant Harmony

Another incredible Discord episode since Three's A Crowd and Keep Calm and Flutter On. - TylertheTitan

4 A Royal Problem

Great episode for the royal sisters. - TylertheTitan

5 Daring Done?

Epic and fast-paced. - TylertheTitan

Really does well with bringing the whole “having to pay for your actions, even if you ment well” thing. Probably one of the weaker Daring Do episodes, but it still has its charm.

6 Celestial Advice

Surprisingly great for a normal-length premiere. - TylertheTitan

7 Campfire Tales

So much backstory that it makes this episode so rewatchable. - TylertheTitan

8 A Health of Information

Another great Fluttershy episode. - TylertheTitan

9 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

Yet another great Rarity episode, and a great start to give Zecora some wonderful character development. - TylertheTitan

10 A Flurry of Emotions

A great way for Twilight to interact with her niece. - TylertheTitan

The Contenders

11 Hard to Say Anything

Like Hearts and Hooves Day 2.0, only slightly better. - TylertheTitan

12 Forever Filly

A well-written sequel to Sisterhooves Social. - TylertheTitan

13 Marks and Recreation

Great way for May Chan to redeem herself after the yak-infested garbage that is Not Asking for Trouble. - TylertheTitan

14 Fluttershy Leans In

Most underrated MLP episode - TylertheTitan

15 To Change a Changeling

This practically puts its predecessor that is The Times They Are A Changeling to absolute shame. - TylertheTitan

16 Secrets and Pies

A funny pink pony episode that emphasizes the Pinkie Dash ship. 😁

17 Fame and Misfortune

GREAT episode that displays the fandom stereotypically, but at times with piercing accuracy. The funny one liners, the dialogue, and how the Mane 6 react is perfect.

18 Honest Apple
19 Not Asking for Trouble
20 Triple Threat
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