Top 10 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 8 Episodes

So Season 8 is finally over. Just 1 season left before it's over but here are some of my favorite episodes of the season. I've seen all of them but I just can't pick the best so I'll include every episode I can. Anyways...

The Top Ten

1 School Raze

Here is my short verdict
I know It was kinda obvious the Cozy Glow was the villain (which was kind off interesting) due to some giving away of information and foreshadowing as well as bait-and-switch as it was supposed to feature the CMC but what I like most about this episode is that the Young 6 once again save the day in place of the Mane 6. I haven't seen Twilight's Kingdom yet It's very good to see Tirek coming back again despite his small role. Of course we also see Chancellor Neighsay's Heel-Face Turn (Redemption) at the end. Finally, wanna be friends? - To Be Continued - Neonco31


2 What Lies Beneath

This one was just so good. First of all, Gallus is claustrophobic. That alone is just really interesting. Second, slight foreshadowing of Cozy Glow being a villain. Third, I liked getting to see what everyone's worst fear was. Fourth, it showed the bond between the six students. It also showed how Gallus and Smolder were changing, and kind of breaking away from their past. This was shown in the scene where Gallus and Smolder had the chance to escape, but chose to search for the others instead. That was cool to watch. Finally, that part at the beginning
Gallus: Oh great magical equestrian tree, please tell us everything about friendship.
Tree: *silence*
I could not stop laughing. Overall, this is probably my favorite MLP episode of all time.

Best MLP episode ever.

3 The Mean 6

I know that Queen Chrysalis would've gotten a better way to finally get the elements of harmony if it weren't for her clones' antics but she does finally pinpoint their location. She may return again for another time and another thing, this ending of this episode is probably one of the darkest parts in the series because the way the Mean 6 perish is very grim. Much worse, the original leaked footage actually shows them melting before turning back into wood. Geez - Neonco31

4 Molt Down

Spike finally gets... - Neonco31

5 Horse Play
6 Sounds of Silence

It introduced us a new race, the Kirins and of course, new favorite Autumn Blaze. She's funny, cute, and her character-establishing song. This was so good I'd rather sing! - Neonco31

7 School Daze

I love Chancellor Neighsay so much, he is so relatable!

This episode introduced us 6 new characters and added different creatures to the main character roster as well as expanding the series premise a bit further. How? By building a new school. - Neonco31

8 Surf and/or Turf

The show takes us to Mount Aris with the Hippogriffs once again after we last saw them in the Movie. Plus the CMC are once again in the spotlight - Neonco31

9 The Maud Couple
10 Grannies Gone Wild

This episode is unnecessary.

The Contenders

11 Marks For Effort
12 The Parent Map

Well somebody's seen that classic Disney film.

13 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
14 The Washouts

2 things I liked
-Lightning Dust is back
-"Full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a STRAW! " - said by Spitfire - Neonco31

15 A Matter Of Principals
16 The Break Up Break Down
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