Best My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Shippings

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1 Flashlight (Flash SentryxTwilight Sparkle)

Winner winner chicken dinner! There is no reason to even look at the other options! This is the best ship! They both have a crush on each other!

I hope in the next few episodes,The two officially meet in the show and like in the Spin Off,they ended up in love - MLPFan

Not a cute couple, but best for twilight.

Flash has no personality. They barely talked and just like how eachother looks

2 Cheesepie (Cheese SandwichxPinkie pie)


Yay, I love this ship a lot, very cute couple.

They're the one for the other

3 Soarindash (SoarinxRainbow Dash)

Ya, not as cute a couple like twilight and flash, but best ship for rainbow dash.

I support this


4 Sprarity (SpikexRarity)

Uh, Spike is like 13 and Rarity is in her early 20's so, no.

Its okay, but I don't think rarity likes him back. But I don't mind this pairing that much

This pairing is underrated - MLPFan

5 Fluttercord (FluttershyxDiscord)

Fluttercord is my favourite shipping because Fluttershy reformed Discord, they write letters, they care for each other, they have tea parties and Fluttershy and Big Mac makes no sense. It's Big Mac and CHEERILIE!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Favorite couple ever so cute, read bride of discord do what ever just all time best couple ever in mlp. Death to Dislestia! Let fluttercord rule!

They remind me of Beauty and the Beast, they are so cute together!

I love this because they both have distinct personality (unlike flash sentry cough cough) and they interact so cute together! ❤

6 FlutterMac (FluttershyxBigMac)

Why, WHY!? This is old now, no one wants them together!

7 Carameljack (CaramelxApplejack)

I don't understand why people ship this. isn't caramel just a background pony with like, two lines?

8 Buttonbelle (Button MashxSweetie Belle)

I did not click the vote button because I like the ship. I clicked it to comment a polarizing vote on it. Well, pardon my French, but THIS SHIP! First of, how much screen time did these two share in the show?! ZERO. And how much screen time did Button Mash had in the series? Two in the forefront with no speaking line and FIVE background appearance! Second, Button and Sweetie have no chemistry.

Internet baby: But what about Button's Adventure by JanAnimation!

FAN FICTION DOESN'T COUNT! And dare I bring up how much this fan fiction is over loved? Not overrated! Overrated means it had to be good. And I thought it was boring! All in all, I hate this ship! I'M OUT. - Thifer20

Aww, I could imagine that happening. - Pegasister12

This is not a LEGIT SHIPPING! Button and Pinchy though…

No! This is a very good ship! Don't you listen to the fandom?! They 💞Love the ship! I love it too and you should respect it!

9 Flutterdash (FluttershyxRainbow Dash)

Just like Raridash this is another butch/femme relationship with Rainbow Dash being the butch to the very feminine Fluttershy,

I think this makes a lot of sense and has very cute chemistry this is my fave ship ever

Flutterdash and Rarijack are the only ships that make sense logically.


10 FeatherBloom (FeatherweightxAppleBloom)

It makes no sense

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11 PipBelle (PipsqueakxSweetieBelle)
12 Rarijack (RarityxApplejack)

Oh dear, this one is pretty spicy...

Best ship ever

Plus why is the Top 5 all het ships

13 LyraDrops (LyraHeartstringsxSweetieDrops)
14 Rumbleloo (RumblexScootaloo)
15 Raripants (RarityxFancypants)

I don't see the chemistry

i love it

16 Celestiacord(DiscordxCelestia)

NO NO NO! Even for such a happy go lucky character, I don't think discord would have removed his grudge after celestial turned him to stone, Fluttershy and discord balance eachother out. Aside from being a cute couple, you have the protective traits of discord when he wants to be fluttershy' only friend, and his tearing up when she rejects him. Fluttershy can tame him, and her kindness balances out his mean pranks. Celestial and discord are opposites, and not in a good way.

I wonder what Kim Possible would say if she sees this.

I hate fluttecord. I love this ship because I think they had a thing in the past

17 Soarinfire (SoarinXSpitfire)
18 Applespike (ApplejackxSpike)
19 Shining ArmorxPrincess Cadence

Well this is canon so yeah

20 Doctor Whooves and Derpy

Such a cute couple, my second favorite if you can believe it. Much better pair than the doctor and twilight.

21 Pinkiedash (Pinkie piexRainbow Dash)
22 RainbowJack (Rainbow Dash x Applejack)


Best ship ever

23 Octavia x Vinyl

Elegant and reserved classical musician paired with a tomboyish and loud disk jockey? SHIP IT!

How Is This Not Higher? - JPK

24 Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer
25 Trixie x Starlight
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