Top Ten My Little Pony Mane Six Ships

The best MLP Mane Six Ships. The Mane Six are Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

The Top Ten

1 Applejack x Rainbow Dash

They may be competitive and rivals, but this would be an interesting match.

They both have the same voice actors - kmyeakel

I love this ship is my favorite


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2 Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie loves to have fun. Rainbow Dash likes to have fun and compete. So... AWESOME!

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3 Applejack x Rarity

Polar opposites. Country girl meets city girl. I like this!

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4 Rainbow Dash x Rarity

Rainbow Dash loves sports and is tomboy. Rarity is glamorous and girly. I can so see a funny scene where Rainbow Dash gets Rarity's dress dirty. Opposites attract?

Favorite plus Rarity investigates! is shipping fuel see the nose boop scene

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5 Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash would develop a sweet spot in her heart for Fluttershy. I know it.

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6 Fluttershy x Rarity

They're both girly and Fluttershy is so kind to Rarity and Rarity is so understanding, PERFECT MATCH!

Poor fluttershy. The other mane 5 kind of ignore her and don't listen.

They relate so much, I just love this ship so much!

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7 Twilight x Rainbow Dash

One of the widest known ships this has to be the best

8 Twilight x Rarity

Good match. Both uptight and organized.

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9 Applejack x Twilight V 1 Comment
10 Fluttershy x Applejack

They both love nature and are kind. Both have experience in nature, and they both would help each other.

I like that this is on here, it's my number one ship.

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The Contenders

11 Pinkie Pie x Fluttershy

2nd favorite after Rarity x Rainbow Dash

They both share the same voice actor - kmyeakel

Both girly, I feel like Pinkie Pie would get Flutteshy out of her shell.

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12 Twilight x Fluttershy

They could get along really well and Fluttershy could teach Twilight a thing about nature and Twilight could teach Fluttershy about books.

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13 Fluttershy x Discord

It may not be a mane six ship, but come on. FlutterCord is the best MLP ship (in my opinion).

14 Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie
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