Top Ten My Little Pony Mane Six Ships

The best MLP Mane Six Ships. The Mane Six are Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

The Top Ten

1 Applejack x Rainbow Dash

They may be competitive and rivals, but this would be an interesting match.

They both have the same voice actors - kmyeakel

They are two of my favourite characters, but they 're more like friends

Love it.

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2 Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie loves to have fun. Rainbow Dash likes to have fun and compete. So... AWESOME!

4th favorite


Pinkie obviously is so in love with dashie
they are sooo gay
dash loves her too
i know it

3 Applejack x Rarity

Polar opposites. Country girl meets city girl. I like this!

Eww why rainbow dash and applejack. Rainbow dash is so much more likely to be with fluttershy. Plus Rarity and Applejack basically defines the meaning, Opposites attract.


Yas! The perfect love story! so cute ^^ better than apledsh! I think flutterdash and twipie is the better for each other and raridash is best.

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4 Rainbow Dash x Rarity

Rainbow Dash loves sports and is tomboy. Rarity is glamorous and girly. I can so see a funny scene where Rainbow Dash gets Rarity's dress dirty. Opposites attract?

Underrated ship.

I love this ship

Favorite plus Rarity investigates! is shipping fuel see the nose boop scene

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5 Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash would develop a sweet spot in her heart for Fluttershy. I know it.

They first met as children, when Rainbow Dash stepped up to protect Fluttershy from the local bullies. They still hang out well into adulthood, practically inseparable. They remind each other that "I need you", and try to spend time together even when their interests are clashing.
They are far from perfect people, but they have great chemistry.


In a word YYAASSS

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6 Twilight x Rainbow Dash

One of the widest known ships this has to be the best

Best ship for me!

7 Twilight x Rarity

Good match. Both uptight and organized.

5th favorite

8 Applejack x Twilight


9 Fluttershy x Rarity

They're both girly and Fluttershy is so kind to Rarity and Rarity is so understanding, PERFECT MATCH!

Poor fluttershy. The other mane 5 kind of ignore her and don't listen.

They relate so much, I just love this ship so much!

Not really but its ok

10 Pinkie Pie x Fluttershy

2nd favorite after Rarity x Rainbow Dash

They both share the same voice actor - kmyeakel

I love this ship too

This shipping is so dumb and annoying and gay,AppleDash is the best.-RainbowDash

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The Contenders

11 Fluttershy x Applejack

They both love nature and are kind. Both have experience in nature, and they both would help each other.

I like that this is on here, it's my number one ship.

Another 5th favorite

12 Fluttershy x Discord

They are adorable, considering how much Discord is attached to Fluttershy

It may not be a mane six ship, but come on. FlutterCord is the best MLP ship (in my opinion).

13 Applejack x Starlight Glimmer

So cute ship it!

They both are really cute together and I actually ship this thing. Applejack x Starlight FOREVAH!

I actually don't like this ship but this ship name is so cute! Both "Apple Glimmer" and "Starlightjack" is so cute!

14 Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie


I have been shipin these 2 sence 2012 and the mlp movie though a twilight and pinkie movie

15 Twilight x Fluttershy

They could get along really well and Fluttershy could teach Twilight a thing about nature and Twilight could teach Fluttershy about books.

5th favorite

16 Spike x Rarity
17 Applejack x Pinkie Pie
18 Rainbow Dash x Soarin
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