Best My Little Pony YouTube Poops

A list of the most popular YouTube poops about My Little Pony.

The Top Ten

1 My Little Porno: Friendship With Benefits


One of the funniest I've ever seen - bobbythebrony

Both a pun and a very funny title. - username34

Good job cs188

2 Applebloom's Epic Quest of Stupid

Very original and Creative - bobbythebrony

3 Friendship Is Gic: What a Story Mark Crusaders

The most jaw-dropping I've ever seen - bobbythebrony

4 Friendship Is Gic: Pinkie Pie TLT Uollliac

Oh my god Rarity oh my god - bobbythebrony

5 Friendship Is No Longer Available Due to a Copyright Claim by Hasbro, Inc.
6 Friendship Is Fabulous: Sweetie Belle Made Punch for You

She deserves to have RARITY! - bobbythebrony

7 Friendship Is Fabulous 2: Shmagic Shmuel
8 Spike the Bad Dragon
9 Spike's Harmful Addiction

L o l! This looks like a really funny YTP! I want to see it! - username34

10 Friendship Is Not Available In Your Country

I haven't seen any of these, but they seem so funny. like this one. - username34

The Contenders

11 Dragostea Pon Eh

I saw this one. It was cute. Now I understand bronies. Nah... not really haha - keyson

12 Equality Killed The Alicorn Princess
13 Friendship Is Magnets
14 Friendship Equals Magic x Ponies^2
15 Rule 34. Mov
16 Pinkie Pie Is Lagging and Ramiel Hates Mountains
17 Shining Armor Will Fart On Your Crystal C***
18 Toast Busters
19 Horse Apples
20 Hexagons Are Super and Zecora Is Evil
21 My Little Bat Guano
22 Trixie Has a Glitch
23 Twilight Is an Idiot
24 Trixie Does Naughty Things
25 Twilight Is Insane
26 Discord Gets Off to Ponies
27 Rarity Ditches Her Friends to Be a Snob
28 A Luna Matata
29 Scootaloo Hates Rainbow Dash Flavored Chicken Wings
30 My Not So Little YPT of Ponies As Humans

Equestria girls is just a bad series all around in my opinion. They're trying too hard. - username34

31 Getting Stoned at Canterlot High
32 My Little Killer: Murder Is Magic
33 Applebloom Has Issues
34 Cadence Has Hot Mare Problems
35 Gangnam Style Meets Pinkie Pie and Takes a Shower
36 My Little Fart: Beans Are Magic
37 God Burns Down Equestria For Insurance Money
38 Smile HD

Not exactly a YouTube poop, but very gory, yet funny because you know it's not real. - username34

39 The Extended Weekend of Sparkle
40 Super Applebloom 64
41 The Longest MLP YTP Ever
42 Mlp thug lyfe
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