Top Ten Most Overrated My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes

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1 Slice of Life

Honestly I was confused the whole episode...which is disappointing since it was the 100th episode...I mean cranky doodle and Matilda's weeding? Who cares about that :/

2 Winter Wrap Up

Worse than "Bzz..." by Bzikebi

This episode is overrated just because of the catchy song "Winter Wrap Up" (it's my opinion, okay) I mean, how can everyone hate this song? I even love this song! and the teamwork also makes this episode even best and OVERRATED!

Winter Wrap Up
Winter Wrap Up
Let's Finish Our Holiday Cheer!

3 School Raze
4 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
5 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Who's idea was it to make Luna punish herself? This is a kids' show!

6 Crusaders of the Lost Mark

This was really just Magical Mystery Cure two. Most of the episode is just musical numbers that weren't even necessary to the plot and was just there to fill in run time. Instead of being able to see more of Diamond Tiara's past, we just had a bunch of musical numbers, which in my opinion are one of the worst things about this show.

7 28 Pranks Later
8 Filli Vanilli

I have no idea why people like this episode. Pinkie was UNBEARABLE in it.

Very overrated in my opinion. Tbh this episode was ok, flutter butter fans would love it tho.

9 Pinkie Pride

The pacing of this episode is terrible, in large part because the episode is flooded with unnecessary songs. In a better paced episode, Ponyville wouldn't have gone from admiring Pinkie to completely forgetting about her within the span of one song. The story itself is just a rehash of Party of One.

This episode is good, but it's not the masterpiece everyone says it is.

10 A Hearth's Warming Tail

I seem to be in the minority but I don't like this episode

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11 Stare Master
12 The Crystal Empire

overrated in my opinion. Its good not amazing but good.

13 Scare Master
14 The Times They are a Changeling
15 Friendship is Magic

Viewer: You should be number one. You might be the first episode but I'm going to say that you have the most dumbest title I'v ever heard. You are a title, a song, now an episode. What kind of weirdo are you?

Friendship: That's what my lady, MLP, gave that title to me. Okay! Okay! I'm going to be number one in this list and I'm still need to scooch around with Scare Master. Oh, God. That Scare Master scared me like Barge Marge style.

I Really Straddled To Fined What Was My Most Hatted Episode But At The End Of The Day I Had To Go With This One Because [Breathing] Friendship is Magic Is A Horrible Begging To A Other Wise Great Series The Story Is Profitable You Know By The Minute You Read The Sabnopsess You Know Each And Every Solitary Advent That Will Take Twilight Will Be Send To Ponyville, Twilight Will Meet 5 Other Ponies Who Quinsedently Turn Out To Be The Emlontions Of Harmony Witch We Will Get To Soon, Princess Celestia Gets Captured Witch Ends Up With One Of The Worst Villian Plans The Series, So Twilight And Her ''Friends'' Go To The ''Oh So Scary'' Everfree Forest To Free Nightmare Moon From Her Evil Elements Of Harmony Are Discovered And Nightmare Moon Is Defeated By The Power Of Rainbows That's It. I Could Go On Forever About The Terrible Pausing, How Contrived It Is, The Ad moat Of Plot Holes The Obknoskilus Interjuton Of The Characters And How It's A Terrible Episode With Even The Ticket Master Did A ...more

16 A Friend in Deed

The only good thing about this episode was the song.

only good thing was the song.

17 Twilight's Kingdom
18 Sweet and Elite
19 Trade Ya
20 Magical Mystery Cure
21 Green Isn't Your Color
22 The Return Of Harmony
23 Baby Cakes
24 Ponyville Confidential

It does NOT deserve ANY of its praise it recieved among fans and it's my Number 1 WORST episode (in the ENTIRE show)! - TylertheTitan

25 Lesson Zero

This not only should be in the Top 10 section, it should be in the Number 1 spot of the Top 10 section!

This episode should be #1, because no one EVER shuts up about it!

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