Top Ten Reasons We Love Buttercup

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1 She is a good role model

Well, not exactly a role model, but she teaches you to learn from your mistakes. I admit she did bad things like bully her sister Bubbles in All Chalked Up, but she is very apologetic and realizes her own mistakes. I never heard Rainbow Dash apologizing to Fluttershy for bullying her.

Rainbow dash is way better. Buttercup didn't apologize to that paste monster kid until he destroyed half the city. Thousands died because of her stubborness. At least Dashie isn't responsible for any deaths.

2 She defends her sisters

She is the one who does most of the fighting, and she wouldn't trade anyone for her sisters. In the episode Buttercrush(Which by the way I love) Buttercup gave up Ace, who was being cruel, for her sisters. She is willing to risk herself for her sisters as well.

3 She is a great singer

Buttercup is voiced by Elizabeth Daily in the original cartoon, but in her anime version, she is voiced by the same person who voiced Spitfire. Elizabeth Daily, also known as E.G Daily, is a singer. No wonder Buttercup sings better than her sisters.

4 She is strong

People say Bubbles is the strongest because of her enragement when someone is rude to her, but I'd say it is Buttercup because Buttercup is normally pretty strong and gets angry, but if she got the same enragement problem as Bubbles, she'd probably be even worse and stronger. She would probably defeat someone with one hit.

5 She is pretty

She has dark hair and light eyes. Her eyes really show up with her dark hair. I like her short hair in a flip. I like her light green eyes, and she is cute looking as well.

Everyone says Blossom and Bubbles are pretty(which they are) but no one says Buttercup is pretty? I even think she is the most prettiest PPG out of the three, am I the only one who thinks this?

6 She is funny

She is so funny in many episodes, especially her episodes like Nuthin Special and Cover Up. She makes me laugh hard.

7 Her blanket

Her cute furry blanket, the one that makes her stronger.

8 Defends Townsville
9 She is a pony

Nope! She is not a pony

10 She makes her own show more interesting
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11 She's a girl

This makes no sense, just because she is a girl?

12 Her fandom is nice

Most Buttercup fans don't send death threats to those who hate her or treat her like a god, I am a really big fan of her, but I don't send death threats to anyone who hates her, sometimes I feel a little too obssessed about Buttercup. Unlike some Rainbow Dash fans like the ones I met who send me death threats and treat her like a real person or god. But not all Dash fans are rude and bad.

I can't tell you how much I love buttercup! Buttercup is the best no doubt

13 Her show is great

Yeah! Ppg is the best show ever, Buttercup makes the show even better with her funny and interesting reactions. This show has cool exploding action, comedy, suspense, and drama.

14 She is apologetic
15 She's a badass
16 She has a cat
17 She is way better than Rainbow Dash
18 She isn't a Mary Sue
19 She's a tomboy
20 She cured Bubble's vision
21 She is relatable
22 She's carefree
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